Amanda came to us when Joshua was 16 months old.  He had never slept through the night and on most nights woke several times resulting in him being given milk or ending up sharing our bed.  On a good night he would go until 5am, have a bottle and sleep till 7am (in our bed.)  Even this was a rarity.  We had tried various sleep training techniques, ranging from ‘controlled crying’ (Gina Ford) to ‘pick up put down’, (Baby Whisperer.)  None were successful.

Amanda arrived.  I have to admit I already trusted her implicitly as she had helped me cope with the broken nights when Joshua was first born.  She went through Joshua’s existing bedtime routine and made adjustments that we immediately acted upon. After 3 nights Josh no longer needed a bottle to get him to sleep at night and no longer had his morning feed between 3-5am.  He had it at 7am, downstairs.  Slowly each of his night time wakes were for shorter periods.

By the time Amanda left, Josh was sleeping till at least 5am waking a few times thereafter but staying in his own bed until at least 6.30am.   Although the problem hadn’t been completely solved, in the short space of time, his sleep pattern has improved dramatically.  More importantly we were left with the tools to deal with his wakes confidently and continue Amanda’s work, hopefully resulting in a full night’s sleep!  Already he has slept through till 6am on 3 occasions – a miracle!

In the weeks following Amanda’s departure, we received constant and much appreciated support from her through texts and phone calls.   She is an unbelievably caring person who is so easy to talk and relate to.  At all time she was calm, kind yet firm with Joshua and consistently positive and reassuring with us.  If the same arises with number 2 we wouldn’t think twice about having Amanda back – we’d just do it a lot sooner!

Rebecca and Adam Hamilton

I contacted Amanda to see if she could help my husband and I help our beautiful 7 month daughter (Georgia) to sleep through the night.  Georgia would get up 1-3 times a night and would not go back to sleep, ultimately I had to breastfeed her back to sleep each time.  Georgia is a tall baby and was almost 10lbs at birth so I believed that she was hungry but I also knew I was getting into a pattern that would be tough to break.

During my consultation meeting with Amanda, we looked at Georgia’s diet/breastfeeds and routine.  Amanda firstly assured me that Georgia was getting enough food and needed on additional milk feed a day and Georgia should be able to sleep comfortably during the night.  This really gave me the confidence I needed to start sleep therapy.  I don’t believe in leaving a baby to cry and thankfully Amanda believes the same.  Amanda explained the sleep therapy process to me and indicated that it would take approximately 3 to 5 nights.   I was very pleased with how loving and compassionate it was but feared that Georgia would wake a couple of times each night and that it would take hours to get her back to sleep each time she woke.

To my surprise Georgia woke up once the first two nights and it only took 45 minutes each time to put her back to sleep and on the 3rd night she did it!!! It has been over a week now.  Georgia also sleeps better in the say as well and I have noticed her appetite has improved as well.

I would strongly recommend Amanda as she is so knowledgeable and confident in what she does.  We are very grateful!!!

Ally and Daren Lemer

Dear Amanda,

I was so impressed with your sleep programme I had to write and thank you, my 3 young girls all under 5 yrs were a nightmare to put to sleep and you changed everything with your wonderful programme.

It did take 5 nights of your personal dedication, but since then the girls pretty much go to sleep easily even though they are all in one small room with bunkbeds.

At the time the smallest girl at 1 year demanded all of my attention as you know, but with your programme, each child got 15 mins each of their own individual time and attention. I used to put the youngest to bed last as she would never go to sleep. But under your firm instructions, she was put to bed first and any crying was never unanswered, instead there was a constant reassurance of presence graduating in leaving the room more and more. It is against my principals to leave a baby crying having had all my babies in my bed with both of us for the first year so I was relieved you felt the same way!

I rate your programme 10 out of 10!

Gaby Hamilton
D-lite Yoga Retreat

Amanda came to work for us in February 2006, when our son Joseph was 2 years and 3mths.

We were recommended by very close friends, who Amanda had supported through sleeptraining. We were being woken up anywhere between three and five times a night and each wake would last up to an hour, sometimes longer. The nights were incredibly unpredictable. The only guarantee we had was that Joseph would wake up. He was still waking for milk feeds and was completely dependant on me, or my husband to fall asleep throughout the night. He not only needed our physical presence but also needed to be held and rocked to sleep on a daily basis. One of us often slept all night in the spare bedroom with Joe. Joe was also not falling asleep before 8.30pm and was regularly starting his dat at 5.00am, despite the middle of the night wakes. His exhaustion meant he was cranky and miserable most of the time.
Having fallen pregnant with my second child i felt it necessary to try and address these problems. I expected failure but felt exhausted enough to try. My pessimism was bourne out of repeated attempts to help Joe sleep through the night. Thus we weren’t hopeful of sustaining any success.
Amanda Marks absolutely transformed our nights in just under one week. She reassured us that Joe would sleep through the night if we introduced some confident parenting techniques and stuck consistently and firmly to a bedroom routine, that she would instigate and teach us. We were immediately able to let go of the formula through the night, something i expected Joe to be distressed over. Amanda gently but persuasively taught Joe he could sleep independently. I watched in disbelief as my son’s personality completely transformed into a much happier and calmer child. Our family life is so much more enjoyable now we are rested. Joe has consistently responded to the sleep programme except when ill. Once recovered we immediately revert back to what Amanda has taught us to regain our night. Joe now sleeps 11-12 hrs a night unbroken. He still sleeps 40 minutes during the day as well.
One of the biggest gifts Amanda brought to our family apart from a fantastic nights sleep, was the belief in our own parenting. Being a parent herself she was able to meet us on a different level and really understand emotionally how we felt. She gave us tools to obtain independence from her and for Joe to gain some independence from us. On a personal level she was very kind and supportive throughout these changes. We couldn’t be more grateful nor recommend her highly enough to any family that is in the need of a good night sleep and a happy family life.
Leah and Paul Roberts

Amanda spent 3 nights with us and our 9 week old son on 22nd, 24th and 26th January.  Amanda had been recommended to us as a maternity nurse who would stay overnight to give Oscar expressed milk and look after him so that we could get a much needed night’s sleep.  Amanda did this and so much more. She gave me lots of useful advices and information on breastfeeding and sleeping habits.  She also took comprehensive notes on Oscar’s feeding and sleeping patterns and gave me a plan going forward.

With tonnes of experience and three children of her own there isn’t much that Amanda doesn’t know about babies.  As a new mum I found her incredibly supportive, very informative and after three nights I felt much more confident not to mention refreshed! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone.

Laura and Lee Hughes

At 8 months my daughter was still not sleeping through the night, she also was not interested in solid food at all and I became convinced that the two were linked.  A friend had used Amanda’s services for sleep training with amazing results and suggested that I try giving her a call.  Amanda visited my house for an afternoon and indeed managed to weave her magic in just 3 hours.  The very next night my daughter slept through until 7am hurrah!  Amanda went through my feeding routine with me and quickly picked up what the problem was……I was giving my daughter too much milk and still doing a dream feed.  This was having the effect of filling her up too much so she wasn’t eating her solids which in turn was not filling her up enough. She also suggested a different routine and advised me on all the foods that I should be giving my baby for her age.  I was amazed what an immediate affect her advice had.  Every stage of nurturing a baby has its problems but I really found that weaning onto solids was one area where I found it difficult to find clear advice (particularly regarding the change of routine.)  The other great thing about Amanda was that she was at the end of the phone even months afterwards – and it’s wonderful to know she is there in the future should I need her help again.

Clarissa Hulse

I have known Amanda Marks for the past six months.  In that time I have periodically employed Amanda to help sleep train my 10 month old daughter.

Amanda’s approach was firm but above all warm and caring.  She listened and took on board all our concerns.  The result was a more rested baby and not to mention, Mum and Dad.

Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and a bundle of engery.

I can only recommend Amanda in the highest terms possible.

Rosy Seaton (handwritten letter, February 2006)

It is with pleasure that I recommend the services of Amanda Marks as a night nurse.  Amanda was called in to help us to settle our year-old twin boys who were very poor sleepers. She spent the best part of 2 weeks with us.

Amanda impressed us with her professionalism, experience and supportive approach from the very start. In addition to helping us get a few nights of sleep, she also enthusiastically took it upon herself to help us get the boys into a routine and healthy sleeping habits. She was extremely patient with our sons and had some good, practical ideas that began to make a difference after a couple of days and have served us well since. From the very start, we felt we could completely rely on her to take good care of our sons, and we were always proven right.

Amanda also fitted well into our home and routine very easily and was a pleasure to have around. Always pleasant, friendly and respectful, she was also very good with our 4 year old girl who took to her immediately.

We are happy to recommend Amanda without hesitation. Please feel free to call us for further information.

Anjanette and Eyal Pavell
December 2005

My daughter Madalyn Husser-Ridley is a 14 month old baby and has never slept through the night, she always woke up at least twice in the night (only on a few occasions slept through). She is a breastfed baby from birth onwards and has always fallen asleep on the breast.

My partner Adrian hates it when she cries in the night and gives me a hard time, especially when I tried to do control crying when she was 10 months, so in the end we had to pick her up and walk round with her until she fell asleep, as soon as she was in her cot she woke up again. I tried not to feed her in the night but when she was ill, teething or I had no sleep I fed her and she slept on the bed with me of course boxed in.

When all of my friends with babies started to sleep through the night I knew something had to be done and had two days on her waking up every hour on the hour, which was funny as she never did that when she was born, from birth to 6 months she was a good sleeper, going at least 10 hours, then all that changed.

I got recommended to use Amanda Marks by my sister. I called Amanda up on the Monday and with Amanda’s help started that night, as with no sleep I became very tired, working 21/2 days a week (of course feeling guilty) and emotional. Amanda came over Wednesday-Friday night, talked me through things and helped me get Maddie into a better sleep pattern and I’m very happy to say it’s been working and she’s started to sleep through the night, I’m definitely going to keep it going.


If anyone needs Amanda’s help I will definitely pass her telephone number on.

Thank you, I can now have my evenings to myself.

Michelle Husser

When we first spoke to Amanda, we hadn’t slept properly in months and our 14 month old daughter Zoe was waking up every every few hours. We had read various books, watched loads of television programs but still had no idea what to do. After just one 60 minute telephone consultation with Amanda, we had a plan of action and some excellent advice. The first two nights were difficult but on the third night Zoe

slept through for the first time in over 6 months. Although she has already helped us solve the major problem, Amanda continues to be a source of support & advice via text messages. We strongly recommend her to any parents of children with sleeping problems.

Ivan & Karin Foreman, November 2007

I thank Amanda for her help and advice. I called her about a week before Christmas 2006. We were desperate having had very few full nights sleep since our third child Freya was born in October 2005.

My husband runs his own business and so he is incredibly busy with a long journey to the office, meetings in London and quite often he is abroad for a few days at a time. We have two older children at different schools in opposite directions, one 15 minutes away and the other half an hour away. There are lots of after school and weekend activities, parties, teas and quite a bit of homework to get through every evening .

Freya was going to bed between 7pm and 7.30pm then waking up any time between midnight and 3am for between one and three hours. My husband and I were dealing with it between us but obviously its not easy to sleep with a screaming baby in the house and we were both beside ourselves with tiredness. With everything to do in the evenings and the alarm going off at 6am we really were getting very little sleep. It was making us grumpy short tempered with each other and with the other children and we looked TERRIBLE!

I spoke to Amanda for an hour and a quarter and the main thing that was looked at was the daytime routine, food and milk. Also she gave me some night-time tips. I changed the daytime things that Amanda suggested and we had an immediate improvement. After a week, Freya was sleeping until at

least 5am and sometimes 6.30. Also Freya became happier and an ‘easier to have around’ baby. She did lapse recently but is now getting better again.  Freya has never slept from 7 til 7 but one day she will!

Natalie Dunn

Amanda came to stay with us for 6 nights (spread over 2 weeks) in April 2006 because our 6 month old daughter, Anna, was waking frequently in the night for no apparent reason.  Amanda was wonderful – her friendliness, enthusiasm and experience and confidence with babies immediately put my partner and me at ease and we felt happy to let Amanda take over at night.  By the second night Anna’s wakings had reduced significantly and other than the odd momentary wake up, she was virtually sleeping through by night 3. Amanda was a fabulous source of advice and information on all aspects of babies and gave me the confidence that breastfeeding and the solids I was feeding Anna during the day was more than adequate; and also gave us advice for our impending holiday (it was great that Amanda was so encouraging yet realistic).  Amanda was professional but very friendly, informative, confldent and very able. More than anything, Amanda gave us the confidence to deal with Anna appropriately at night and as a result Anna is sleeping through for at least 11 hours in a row – something we didn’t think we could achieve so quickly and easily (and with no hardship to Anna whatsoever.)

Amanda’s approach with Anna was caring, natural and calm – exactly what we wanted :we would not hesitate to recommend Amanda.

Tabitha Mowat and Stephen Pearson
2 May 2006

Amanda came to help me with my daughter, Alice aged 2. Over the previous six months or so I had let her bedtime routine slip and had got to a stage where Alice was not going to bed until 9.30 and then only in my bed. She was also waking at least once during the night for some time. As a single parent working full-time I was nearly at the end of my tether and extremely tired!

Amanda was recommended to me by a friend and following on from some telephone support which enabled me to be prepared for the forthcoming days Amanda arrived armed with great advice and a calm and reassuring manner. As a result of Amanda’s methods Alice is now asleep by 7.30 in her own bed and wakes occasionally and only briefly. She is also a much better behaved little girt, less tired tantrums and a much less tired Mother!

Most importantly I know I couldn’t have done it on my own and Amanda’s own experience with the children she has cared for and her own children meant that the feelings of guilt I had completely disappeared. Ifs ok to be tired and sometimes frustrated – but now when I do feel that way I have the tools to be able to handle Alice.

On a personal note Amanda is extremely good company and is able to do her job without being critical or judgemental – for which I am extremely grateful!

Caroline Chignell

Amanda Marks came to help me with getting my one year old son to sleep in his own cot and through the night. A friend had used her, and gave me her number, and I counted the days until she came.

I really did not know how on earth Amanda was going to train Stewart to not only sleep in his own cot, but to actually sleep for 12 hours, and most importantly alone and happy! To give a little background on what Stewart’s first years sleeping habits were, might just help you to understand how brilliant Amanda was in her success of this.

Stewart had never slept through the night, and for the past few months was basically sleeping most of the night with me. So, neither of us were really having a good nights sleep. He slept in his cot for maybe 2 hours, when he cried, I picked him up, gave him milk, water, or whatever soothed him, and he then slept with me.

I knew Amanda would have a very tough job, but I was willing to listen to everything she told me. I had never really let Stewart cry, no controlled crying, and everyone was telling me I had to otherwise

I would have a problem later on. I really thought I was the worst mother – a total coward!

Firstly, let me say that not once did Amanda tell me that I was doing anything wrong. She is so gentle, and made me feel immediately at ease, and in total trust of her. She has a wonderful way of making you feel good about being a mother. She complimented me so much on what a great boy I have, how he gets so much love, and how he is nurtured. She never once told me, as so many others have done, that you are doing totally the wrong thing, lets start all over and forget everything you have done. She “suggested” another way of doing things, and it worked. She gave me so much confidence in myself, as a mother, she made me realize I was not the only one, and that we could do it together.

The first night Amanda was here she put Stewart to sleep, and I listened outside the door at all she was doing. She was extremely confident, firm, but spoke with a loving tone to Stewart, and made him understand that sleeping in his cot would be a beautiful experience and good for him. Within 3 nights, I can honestly say that my son was happy in his cot, and basically sleeping through, maybe a few wake ups, but he went back to sleep on his own happy, and not with me!

I can only say that I thought my son would never be trained into sleeping by himself in his cot without me. Amanda is a truly amazing person. I would trust her with my son anytime. She is brilliant at what she does, a highly trained professional who I would recommend to anyone who is having problems with teaching their child to sleep through the night. Anyone lucky enough to have Amanda helping them, will be grateful to her forever. I thank god for meeting her, I have feel as though I have a new friend for life – Stewart has another loving “woman” in his life, and he adores her. Another great thing about Amanda is that she calls whenever she has a chance, just to check up on things, make sure Stewie is sleeping well. She is available at any time, for any question, no matter how small or silly you may think it is.

Thank you Amanda for giving me the confidence to continue all you have taught me. Thank you for teaching my son to enjoy his bedtime, and to wake up in the mornings with a smile on his face, ready to face the day.

I wish all who are having babies, to experience the joy I had from someone as brilliant, caring, and kind as Amanda.

Gillian Aronson
(single mother of 41)

Amanda came to help us because our 8 month old baby was having sleeping problems. Our daughter would wake up to 12 times a night and we couldn’t settle her. We were desperate and called on Amanda for her advice and expertise.

Amanda is a kind, caring, gentle and knowledgeable lady who came into our home and with her patience and vast experience (she herself having three kids, of which 1 I have metl!!) managed to sleep train our daughter.

She showed determination and genuine care for Cameron, for which we were very grateful and appreciative

It is really difficult having a stranger in ones home but it felt as if Amanda was part of our family. She wasn’t pushy or over bearing as consultants often can be and we felt at complete ease with her.

It is so hard being a first time mom and dad and it is so comforting to know that there is help out there and seems much less daunting now.

We were so thrilled with Amanda with regards to Cameron’s sleep issue that I requested that Amanda come and show me how to prepare food for a growing baby who was ready to move onto solid food. We turned my kitchen upside down and I can now say that we are well on our way to steak and chips.

Our time with Amanda was constructive and educational. We would therefore recommend Amanda to other parents having the same or similar problems.

lIyce and Neil Phillips

Amanda returned to our home a third time when Maia was just over 7 months to help her sleep through the night.

With solids now included into her diet, Amanda assured me that Maia was now getting enough food in the day to be able to sleep comfortably through the night. Amanda explained that the sleep-training should take 3-5 nights.

Amanda is very calm and loving in her approach. Mala woke three times on the first night: the first time it took 2 hours to re-settle her, and each time after that, not more than an hour. The second night, Maia woke once and took less than half an hour to put back to sleep. The third night … Maia slept through.

Maia is now asleep by 7.30pm and on most nights will sleep through 12 hours . . . sometimes more!

Coco Chan

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your help, support and guidance that you have shown during the recent sleep programme that you put together for my 2 youngest children Maddie and Louis.

Following a period of 3 years of sleep deprivation, one child waking the other one up and many nights of children being awake until the early hours of the next day, I now have 2 children that go to bed with no resistance and will most importantly sleep through the night!

If you have any potential clients that require a reference please don’t hesitate to give them my contact details and I will of course tell them of my experience. I have also added a summary to the bottom of this letter outlining my situation, which again I am more than happy for you to use as reference.

Kindest regards

Jennifer Matthias

I have 2 children, a 2 and 3 year old that have never slept through the night, when they did fall asleep they only did so for a period of a few hours and then would wake up crying for a bottle or for attention from myself or my partner, if they hadn’t already wormed their way into our bed already.

I had an initial telephone consultation with Amanda, in which an in depth history of their behaviour and routine etc was taken. Amanda took this information and devised a plan that was suitable and more importantly manageable with 2 children, and was planned around their particular history. It was very important to me that my children were not upset in the process, having tried the leave the child to cry technique I couldn’t do it to them again as it broke my heart when they were getting so upset.  After another consultation we agreed a mutual plan and it the action plan started that night. We had some resistance initially on the first night but it actually went a lot smoother than I thought it would. Although I felt very empowered and determined following our consult I still thought we would have a big battle on our hands. The second night was very similar too. The third night was a different story, we had tantrums, screaming, crying etc but I stuck to the instructions and the plan that was devised. It took a few hrs  but eventually my daughter gave in when she realised I wasn’t backing down and slept  through the night.

At every single step of the way Amanda has been there for me, when I was sat in the bedrooms battling with the children and was unsure of which way to handle a situation, Amanda was available to guide me through, every morning we had a follow up consultation to discuss the previous night’s  events and see what has changed, what worked etc. I really couldn’t have done this process without the support of Amanda, just knowing that I could pick up the phone at 2am when I was close to tears on the 3rd night to have a moan and get my frustrations out was fabulous.

We are now 8 weeks down the line and I have 2 children that have a fabulous routine, are both in bed by 7.30pm and now sleep through the night thanks to the bottle fairy and Amanda. On occasion when the children have been ill and have got out the routine, we have just gone right back to basics and started the process over again and generally it only takes one night for them to understand that we are back in the swing of things.

I not only consider Amanda a sleep consultant but also a good friend too, to me, its vitally important to have the support around you that Amanda offers when undertaking a challenge like this. I really can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Firstly, Amanda is a wonderful and compassionate person with great intelligence and integrity. Coupled with her superb professionalism and dedication to her passion for supporting breast feeding mothers, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Having had successfully breastfed 2 children, I had terrible problems from the offset with my new baby daughter, which was confusing and upsetting. I had such pain from the experience that my nipples were so sore, my mood so sensitive that I could not even hear a door slam without shuddering and i could barely wear a cotton t-shirt. I suffered mastitis and two courses of antibiotics and was about to give up with breastfeeding when i had the good fortitude to meet Amanda.

She very patiently supported me through helping my daughter latch on correctly, gave me confidence and supported me through this horrible period.  I would like to add that once we had met at our initial consultation, she was available 24/7 on the phone and on text to see how I was doing which was incredibly generous of her.

Successful outcome!! I am still breastfeeding my baby at 16 months!  She is a happy, contented baby. She has barely had a runny nose all this time, including back in February when my 11 year old son had a nasty bout of Swine Flu.  She has beautiful skin, is alert and confident and has made the transition from breast to cup so easily.

I salute you Amanda!  Your work is invaluable and I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Billie Bacall


Two months ago, Amanda came to see us for a two hour consultation that really helped my family get on the road to more peaceful nights.

I have a 1 year old boy who was breast fed and always had trouble sleeping. He used to wake up sometimes every two hours of the night, in the end I always ended up sleeping next to him, breastfed him in the night for comfort and we tended to wake each other up. We were exhausted!

Amanda listened to the situation and created a plan. Sticking to a structure everyday as best we can, our son almost sleeps through the night He still needs reassurance, waking once or twice, but our situation has so much improved. My husband and I have time together in the evenings, which didn’t always happen and our son is gaining confidence and has a fantastic appetite.

Amanda was recommended to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a caring, supportive, dedicated and professional help with sleeping or breastfeeding for their child.

Leora Morell

Amanda Marks what a life saver. When Amanda came to me, there was 4 of us sleeping in one bedroom. My 6 month old was waking every hour through the night. I couldn’t even make dinner or eat.  I was a prisoner to my bed. My eldest who was 3 at the time would refuse to sleep in his room, because the baby was with us.

I didn’t want someone to do controlled crying and leave my child in a room to cry, I felt that it would cause too much damage, Amanda’s approach is gentle and effective. They still cry but she is with them every step of the way.

Amanda came to visit and had a very reluctant 3 year old to deal with and a baby which never slept.

She came to stay for 5 days. By the end of her stay, Huxley (the baby) only woke once and just needed a tap on the back to get back to sleep and after a month of that grew very bored and slept through the night.

Jonah (3) had no problems, loved the star chart and took to it really well, even though he did threaten to chop her head off one night.

Not only did Amanda get my boys sleeping, she was such a great person to chat to at night and has an unlimited supply of good parenting advice.

Katia Phillips

It is with pleasure that I write this letter to thank you for your amazing work whilst working with our seven year old son during the five nights and more importantly coaching us the parents to deal with Eden sleeping behaviour.

You were truly instrumental in setting the right programme from the first night onwards and writing exactly what and how we should proceed from the minute he entered his room. It took some patience on our part but slowly we could see how Eden accepted quickly that this was going to be the new rules and there was no going back. We could see how he could and tried to manipulate us back to his old ways but in the end your ways were the right ones and we can calmly say today that our son is  going to bed and staying there all night!

Thank you again very much for all your help and please feel free to give my number if someone would like to talk more about it.

Sylvie Paquet

We are parents of four children, 3 girls and one (youngest) son. Since birth, he frequently cried in his sleep and was very difficult to console. We sometimes had to go in to settle him 3 or 4 times in the night, often staying awake for 2 or more hours at a time in the middle of the night. After seeking all kinds of ways to improve his sleep we finally found Amanda.

Amanda was recommended to us by a good friend, who had previously had sleep training with Amanda for her 2 boys. She was very happy with the result and suggested for us to try it as well. After having 21 months of poor sleep we were certainly keen to try Amanda’s sleep training. We discussed our son’s case and Amanda’s method of work during our initial consultation. My husband and I were willing to help our son improve his sleep, and in turn ours, but we were somewhat concerned that it could have traumatised him. We had asked Amanda to alter her usual working technique and to have her sleep training done through mummy. Amanda was flexible and understanding about our approach even though she had to share the room with me at nights:))

Looking back at our experience, we are very happy to have done it. It’s been just over 2 weeks since we started the sleep training and we certainly see a tremendous improvement.  Our boy seems to have had an anxiety of being alone in his room. We used to sit next to his cot until he fell asleep, on average for about 45 minutes and we had to stand on our heads to console him at nights if he went into the tantrum phase. Whereas now, he is happy to be left alone to fall asleep in his cot and if he wakes up during the night and starts to whine it is much easier to settle him, just by shooshing from outside the door or gently tapping his back for a minute or so if he is crying.

To be honest, we had doubts that it will be possible to stop our son’s frequent night tantrums just by having some five nights of training. Nevertheless, we were happy to see a positive change after the third night of training. Our nights have already become much more manageable and we are optimistic that if we maintain this approach his sleeping habits will improve even further. Overall, it was not a very traumatic experience for him, he was never ignored, when he felt anxious and upset, he knew we were there to support him, but our involvement became boring and monotonous to make sure we don’t give him an incentive to wake up at nights. Amanda’s presence played a huge role during the training. She has many years of experience working with children. She helped us establish a new daily/nightly routine giving us helpful information and supervising all stages of care for our son. Amanda was and still is a great support for me, she gave me strength and courage to go through the training without turning back. Although the five nights of training with Amanda finished we are still in close contact daily by text to update her on our progress and sometimes Amanda still makes some important suggestions over the phone. I felt very comfortable to share with Amanda my deepest concerns and discussing my ideas of raising our son in the best possible way we can.

Amanda has a cheerful and friendly nature.  She knows how to win children’s trust and generally was a pleasure to have in our home. My other daughters were very happy to get to know Amanda and were sharing their personal secrets with her from day one:))

We think Amanda’s help is an amazing benefit to both parents and children and we are very happy that Amanda had such positive effects on our family life. We wish her best of luck with her wonderful job and we are very comfortable to recommend Amanda to other families. We have no doubt that Amanda will be gentle and kind with your children and we wish babies, mum’s and dads to reach the best sleeping habits as soon as possible!

Best regards,

Natalia and Yuri Rapoport

I, like many other parents coasted along exhausted, for nearly 4 years in fact, believing the only way I could sleep train my children (Harry 3.5 years & Daisy 1 year) would be controlled crying, something I have never been comfortable with, I however much I wished I could. My mother would even say “‘it’s being a mum, you’ll be tired and won’t have good sleep for years, I didn’t”. On one of my many catch-ups with a girlfriend moaning about how tired I was, she recommended Amanda and that she doesn’t do controlled crying. So after our very long catch up by phone, Amanda was here to stay for 5 days, assuring me by the time she left they would be sleeping 12 hours. However much I had faith I didn’t think it could really happen. I have been woken around 10 times a night and up at 5am daily for nearly 4 years! From when Amanda first met the family it was like she was one of us, the children loved her and her knowledge was amazing, she could read my children better than me. Amanda spent time with the children getting to know them, she really is an earth mother and it’s so clear she puts the children before an adult every time and that they feel safe and secure.

From the first night Amanda offered different methods for the first night, she could guide me, we could do it together or she would go it alone, I never thought I would be comfortable with the latter option, but I did because you know everything she is doing is perfectly gentle and kind to child. Amanda did the first and second night alone and I would listen to the monitor on how Amanda did it. All I can say is on night 3, (since birth my baby at spent every night in my bed, having at least 3 milk bottles through night, water and a soother), slept alone with none of these, in cot without tears for 10 hours straight. Fourth night we had 11 hours with two brief wakings, but from night 6 it has been consistent all night sleeping ever since. When Amanda left, me and my children were actual quite sad as it was actually a fun and enjoyable experience.  We continued with everything we had been told and Amanda was in constant contact by phone and still is. Daisy was even unwell and with me for 4 nights in bed, however once better and with the confidence and strength Amanda had given me, I was able to do steps again, this only took 1 night and was only repeating the last stage of training not back to square one.

As I say to my husband, having good sleep daily as a mother and have confidence in parenting, not just sleeping, then a child/children sleeping through and being well rested, hence better behaved is priceless, the only wish I had is that I hadn’t known about Amanda many years ago!

Mrs Natalie Slade

After 14 months without any sleep I reached out to Amanda and the result has been nothing less than life changing! Having three older boys I thought Dominic would be easy, but he proved me wrong and used to wake every hour all night long without fail. Amanda came along and within a week Dominic was no longer having milk at night, eating much better and most importantly we were all sleeping….. the step by step programme Amanda created for us was easy to implement, she was on standby for advice but after two weeks we felt so confident that we were able to continue independently. Four months on and Dominic still sleeps solidly from 7 to 7 every night. It is true to say we are a happy relaxed family once again and all thanks to Amanda’s magic!

Katusha and Michael

Benjamin was 19 months when Amanda came to us. He had never slept through the night, waking frequently. We were desperate and hugely sleep deprived. We had fallen into all the worst patterns, rocking him to sleep, giving him milk to soothe him back to sleep and regularly letting him sleep in our bed.
Amanda came with such positivity and determination. After meeting with her for an initial consultation I almost wept with happiness at the sleep that she promised we would soon get! I felt hugely supported and at ease with her confident and experienced approach, both as a sleep trainer and mother. I never thought that I would be able to give control to someone else in regards to my son and was amazed at how Amanda was able to deal with both my anxieties and Ben’s sleep at the same time. Amanda delivered all that she had promised and more.
She talked me through Benjamin’ s current routine and his eating habits, showing me where I was going wrong while never making me feel judged for falling into bad habits. We talked through a clear and concise plan of action regarding food and bedtime, reassuring me continuously that at no time would she allow Benjamin to be distressed, which was of fundamental importance to me. Amanda’s approach with Benjamin was firm but kind and comforting. Within a few nights Benjamin was sleeping through, no longer had a night time feed and slept in his own cot!
Since Amanda left, things continued to improve -albeit with some inevitable setbacks that she did warn us about. She left us with the tools to deal with his wakes confidently and with the positivity that if we follow her advice Benjamin’s good sleep habits would continue.
Since Amanda’s departure, she has offered support through texts and phone calls, which has been so greatly appreciated.