Sleep Training

I do not advocate any form of sleep training until the baby is established onto solids, is double their birth weight and therefore does not require any milk at night.

Until this point I truly believe the best place for a baby to sleep and be content, is with their mother. I am not suggesting that they must sleep by her side, although I feel provided there are safe sleep guidelines in place, this is the most comforting and secure pace to be.

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As and when sleep training is the right time for the baby/child and family I offer to provide a sleep programme which is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and encourage full nights sleep, omitting the aid of bottles, milk etc. and encouraging the parents to work in a way where they create boundaries and consistency, and passing security to the child.

I feel very strongly about my sleep programme and through my years of experience as a nanny, maternity nurse and now parent, I believe that answering the baby/child, carrying out sleep training without the need of any controlled crying, is the kindest, calmest and most reassuring way for parents to offer this message to their child. It may be a slightly longer process but with patience and repetition it will happen and better, effective sleep patterns will continue into the future.