Testimonials 2014

I called Amanda for the first time when my baby was 6 months old and my first impression from speaking to her was that she was extremely knowledgable in her field and had a genuine desire to help. She was also very giving of her time. We together established a good eating programme for my baby and spoke about ways to get my baby to sleep longer at night and within a couple of weeks I was enjoying a full nights sleep! Amanda is so easily accessible which I found very helpful when I just had a quick question or needed advice. Amanda continues to show interest in my baby and his progress. I would definitely use Amanda again and would recommend her tenfold to anyone!

Dalia Adriani Levy

Being a mum to 3 big boys I thought I was a dab hand at parenting… That is until I had my fourth boy….. I first met Amanda when Dominic (now 3) was 16 months old and keeping us up all night, I was desperate and extremely tired.

I was referred to Amanda through a friend and within a few minutes of our first meeting I knew this was going to be great!
Amanda exudes warmth , kindness and a huge natural love of children and babies and it shows!

Dominic had had problems with reflux,  supposed dairy allergies despite me breastfeeding, by the time I met Amanda he was on every reflux remedy possible and non dairy formula in a bottle all night long.
Within the first hour of meeting Amanda had explained the nutrition requirements of a 16 month old to me and devised a diet sheet to aid a good nights sleep, over the following few evenings I was supported tirelessly by her with a very gentle and reassuring sleep plan/technique that caused no distress to either Dominic or myself.

Within a week he was sleeping through the night and both mummy and infant were very very happy!

Needless to say when I then had my fifth boy two years later I turned to Amanda again, by this stage we were friends, (Amanda’s huge warm personality is irresistible) and I wanted to get the very best out of breast feeding.

Luca was born six weeks premature, in intensive care for three days but despite latching on beautifully, I was put under pressure from both doctors and midwives to put him on formula as his weight gain was not apparently fast enough!!!

Enter Amanda…. She totally got me through this stressful period, not only by explaining the science of breastfeeding, the timing and the emotional needs for me and baby Luca, but she supported me, again tirelessly, stuck up for me with the midwives that were pressuring me, and was just there reassuring, encouraging AND rejoicing in Lucas weight gain , which was rapid after following Amanda’s advice every step of the way.

I am almost a year on with Luca now who was exclusively breastfed and still breastfeeding,  he is a huge healthy boy and I’m immensely proud of this and know I could not have done this well without Amanda in our lives.

The thing is…. It is not just a job to Amanda, she gets so involved with every inch of her heart with all her mothers and babies, she genuinely cares about what is best for both mummy and baby, more importantly baby!!

She has the most natural and gentle approach to both breastfeeding and sleep training that makes you feel confident in what you are doing.

On top of all of this, having spent time with Amanda with both of my younger boys, I can quite honestly say that apart from the fact her methods work 100% she is the kindest most caring and biggest hearted person I could ever wish to meet.

Katusha & Michael Cipriano

When I first approached Amanda, I was reaching desperation levels, purely due to sleep deprivation. My gorgeous eight month old son, Henry, was sharing my bed and would wake almost every hour and the only way I could get him back to sleep would be to breast feed him. This had been going on for months. I desperately wanted to get more sleep and to move Henry into his own cot, while causing as little upset to him as possible. Crying it out was not a route I wanted to go down.

My husband and I had already had help from one sleep expert which had not worked for us at all. Amanda’s approach was very different. She has so much experience in both sleep training and weaning that when she told me my (very healthy and plump) baby did not need to be fed throughout the night, I believed her and she gave me the confidence to stop the feeding and attempt to teach Henry to settle himself, carrying out a gentle, step-by-step sleep plan that she had devised that never entailed leaving him on his own or not answering his cries. Within a week, Henry was in his own cot in his own room and sleeping for good stretches throughout the night and my husband and I were able to settle him without me having to feed him. That in itself felt absolutely amazing and is probably as much down to the emotional support that Amanda gives as her sound advice. What makes Amanda really stand out is the fact that she is incredibly generous with her time, is very hands-on with her support and encouragement and you really feel she wants to help you. She is with you every step of the way, either by phone or text.

After that first initial week when great strides were made, the whole process of getting Henry to sleep consistently throughout the night and self soothe was not over and, truth be told, has taken a fairly long time. However, we are absolutely worlds away from where we were when we started. Henry is now quite capable of sleeping for 12 hours – even if he doesn’t always – and whenever new problems arise, Amanda is always on hand to help. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Jules and Tom Hill

I contacted Amanda when my son Thomas was 6 months as I really needed advice and support on weaning and sleep. I EBF and was ready to start introducing solids but felt really nervous about it and I had issues with choking. Amanda advised and supported throughout this process and gave me a brilliant programme to follow to make sure I was giving him the right foods and a healthy nutritious and balanced diet. Her support gave me the confidence I needed at a vulnerable time, and also to enjoy mealtimes together rather than just relieved to get through them without a chocking incident!

Amanda also helped me enormously with a gentle and effective sleep training plan – I really appreciated her approach which was in line with my beliefs, which were to make sure Thomas felt safe and loved and never left to cry or get stressed. It was done in a kind and calm way which has helped us both sleep better !  Amanda’s guidance really helped me so much though a difficult time. I didn’t think a nights sleep would be possible but thanks to her knowledge, experience and support showing us that it is possible we have now made it though the other side. Of course babies do still wake at times through teething and illness and those needs are tended to but because Amanda has given me the tools it is much easier to get back on track quickly rather than slip into unhealthy patterns again.

I am so grateful , thank you Amanda!

Emily Mathews

Poppy Age 5

Background – Poppy slept well as a baby until the age of 2 where she started having broken sleep, wanting our company or to come in our bed. After 6 months of me sleeping in her room (on the floor!) I finally gave in and let her sleep in with us and so began 3 years of disrupted sleep for all 3 of us which towards the end resulted in none of us sleeping between Poppy being scared of the dark/wanting repeated accompanied toilet trips/frequent drink demands/too hot etc. It was at this point I contacted Amanda.

Amanda To The Rescue – Amanda was very warm and approachable and has offered continued support throughout, suggesting a gradual retreat method which also included decreasing and eventually eliminating all 3 night lights and taking away her night time drink all of which I was highly sceptical of but after 3 years of broken sleep I was ready to try anything that may offer a solution.

Poppy had her first full night’s sleep on Day 14 of the plan and by Day 19 was regularly sleeping through the night…and then illness struck sadly undoing a lot of our progress. We are now on Day 70 (yikes) Amanda continues to offer advice, encouragement and just the right amount of sympathy mixed with her no nonsense approach and we are having on average 1 or 2 disturbances a night with the odd night’s straight through sleep to give us hope. If you’re looking for a quick fix this isn’t the plan for you but if you’re prepared to stick to Amanda’s plan like glue you will see an improvement in your child’s sleep patterns. Poppy has gone from being scared of being alone in her room and refusing to sleep alone, often disturbing up to 7 times a night, waking anytime from 5.45-6.30am to staying in her now dark bedroom until 6.50/7am every morning – yes still coming into our room for reassurance some nights but goes straight back to bed and I feel confident that regular undisturbed nights are not too far away.

Thank you Amanda for your help and company along our sleep (or rather lack of) journey, even though we are not at the end yet I would encourage anyone to contact you for advice, sleep and sanity!

Claire Bradey


Amanda nurtured me through the breast feeding journey with my second son George from birth and enabled me to have the most incredible bond with him. I can honestly say the first six months were blissful (very unlike the time I had with my first son). Most people comment on how contented and joyful George is and I put this down to breast feeding and co sleeping (both guided, supported and inspired by Amanda). I truly believe this makes for a secure, healthy and happy baby and this foundation lasts a lifetime. Amanda’s dedication is second to none. She is so passionate about her work and is so committed to ‘being with’ mother and baby. I wish all mothers and babies could have time with Amanda. If all babies were raised and breast fed ‘The Amanda Way’ (how nature intended) the world really would be a better, more loving place.

Suzanne & Jamie Lloyd

After a few frustrating weeks of difficulty breastfeeding my little boy, I got in touch with Amanda who persisted and encouraged me to continue trying. Through international video calls and messages (I was living abroad at the time) success quickly followed. Geographical distance isn’t an obstacle, if you’ve got a means of communication Amanda can get the job done..

Her gentle but determined coaching resulted in the lovely creation and ongoing ‘exclusively breastfed’ relationship I still share with my little one … going strong 6 months later!

Thanks Amanda from myself and little baby J

Esther & Adam Rubin

Hi, I’m Ethan and I am 2 years and 4 months old
I have always had problems sleeping but recently I have really struggled.
I have been waking up lots in the night and shouting for my mummy and daddy to come and see me.

Sometimes I have been up 13 times a night and it’s been very hard for the whole family (I have two older brothers too!)

My mummy decided to call Amanda the sleep consultant and ask for help. She did this because daddy and her were so tired they were finding it harder and harder to function in the day.

Amanda really helped me and my parents.

From the moment my mummy went to see her for their chat, Amanda was there for support whenever my mummy and daddy needed her.

Mummy followed Amanda’s routine and made some big changes to my days and nights.
It took a while for me to get used to them and sometimes it frustrated mummy but slowly things got easier.

Amanda also has a friend called Catja who is a homeopath and she helped us too. Together they have made my nights a lot better and I have managed to sleep really well for two weeks.

I am feeling so happy and I enjoy going to bed now in the dark and alone. It’s no problem for me anymore!

I think Amanda is amazing. She is supportive and kind. Mummy and Daddy says they think she’s great too.

I hope I continue to sleep well. I am a much happier boy now. Thanks Amanda xxxx

Ethan (Stacey & James Hart)

Amanda has given us the confidence to believe in the power of a consistent (early!) bedtime routine.  She was happy to work with us and find compromises when we didn’t feel ready to move on to the next step and didn’t judge us when we wanted to slow down (read: I was a total emotional wreck and she calmly readjusted the plan!) She struck a great balance between supporting our parental intuition but at the same time encouraging us to be brave and move to the next step!

We made very good progress, perhaps slower than others but we felt more comfortable as a result.  After we ‘stepped out on our own’ from being in regular contact with Amanda we had a hiccup when I co-slept with our baby for three nights and breastfed through the night when he had croup.  This, whilst absolutely feeling like the right thing to do, unfortunately messed up all the hard work we’d done (why do babies fall into ‘bad habits’ so much quicker than they adopt ‘good ones’??!) BUT we were able to re-implement Amanda’s ideas and we are now back on track.

We valued the fact that Amanda is pro breastfeeding and co-sleeping in the first 6-9 months and is not a supporter of any of the cry-it-out methods, so from the start we were all pretty much on the same page.

Her confidence in her methods helped us to trust her and stick with it and we felt reassured that with her attachment-conscious approach any tears (the baby’s – mine were a different story!) were about his frustration at being tired but not yet knowing how to get himself to sleep, rather than a feeling of abandonment (as we were always right on hand).

Our baby is still a lightish sleeper, and from time to time have to briefly shush him through the monitor to help him settle if he wakes but he’s now sleeping from 6.30pm – 6.00/30am almost every night (compared to our worst point where we were up 12 times in one night and it could take up to an hour to get him down) so we’re very, very happy as is he!!

Thank you Amanda, we’ve already recommended you and will continue to do so.

Michaela & Vince Murphy

Amanda has been a tremendous support from the birth day of my daughter, Sienna. Having established breastfeeding most successfully under her guidance, she was equally as invaluable when it came to weaning and sleep advice. Her extensive knowledge and support gave me the confidence I needed to successfully make the transition from milk to solids. 

I previously knew very little about baby-led weaning and had some reservations about how to go about introducing different foods. Amanda gave me a comprehensive guide on what foods to introduce, when, and how to present them. As a result, I experienced a very smooth transition from milk feeds to solids. My daughter quickly developed confidence in eating, she has a healthy appetite, enjoys her food and loves trying new things. With Amanda’s support I haven’t had to endure the anxiety and stress that so many mums face at this often challenging time.  She has also encouraged me to continue breastfeeding through this transition, helping me to realise that both Sienna and I can enjoy the ongoing benefits of breastfeeding without hassle. 

Amanda’s guidance on introducing a bedtime routine and how to deal with sleep issues has also made for a contented baby and household!  Bedtime is generally an enjoyable time and we can put Sienna down at 7pm and know that we have a happy sleeping baby and a relaxed evening to ourselves ahead. 

I can’t thank you enough for all you help and support over the past 14 months and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future. 

Lisa Scriven

As new parents to Florence, 7 months, we were desperate for some advice on how to help her sleep through the night without leaving her to cry endlessly. As soon as I spoke to Amanda her empathy and warmth immediately told me she was the right person to help us. 

The emotional support that Amanda provided was amazing, she was consistently supportive and constructive with her suggestions. Within the first three days of working with Amanda, Florence went from waking every hour, to just once or twice a night, and in the next fortnight she started sleeping for 6 hour stretches. 

Amanda has an incredible amount of compassion and patience and helped us to empathise with how things looked from Florence’s viewpoint. This enabled us to understand her needs better and why she was having problems sleeping. We are so indebted to Amanda – we are a much happier (and better rested) family, and my partner and I could finally consider having a babysitter so that we could spend some time together. Amanda stands out for her compassion, as well as wisdom, on all things baby, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. 

Rachel Labovitch

Amanda did a brilliant job helping me to wean my baby when he was ready. Her advice was clear and accurate and gave me the confidence to stop using bottles altogether almost immediately. My little boy didn’t seem in the least bothered and, as Amanda predicted, his food intake almost quadrupled. He’s now an amazing eater and is happy and healthy. Amanda’s advice and support were invaluable and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Rachel Barnett

We began working with Amanda when our son was 8  months old. At the time we were co-sleeping with a side cot attached to the bed and our son was feeding on-demand through.  The number of feeds and broken sleep were leaving our family depleted and we were recommended Amanda by a good friend.  I am so glad that we found her! 

As we wanted to continue to co-sleep with our son, Amanda helped us night-wean our son whilst we continued our sleeping arrangement. Alongside this, she helped us create a daytime routine that allowed our son to increase his solid intake and cut down the number of day feeds he was having.  As our son grew and approached his first birthday Amanda helped us transition from co-sleeping in our current arrangement to our son sleeping in our room in his cot (not attached to our bed), and following that she supported us as we moved house and moved our son to his own room when he was 13 months. This support included teaching us ways to gradually lessen our son’s dependence on us to fall asleep, and Amanda was happy to do this at our pace in a way that worked for us and our son. 

Working with Amanda is truly collaborative, she continually adapted her programme to fit our family set-up whilst bringing her knowledge and skill to help us with our next steps.  She is quick to respond to queries, generous with her time, and always supportive, knowledgable and kind. She adapts to unforeseen circumstances, and guided us through teething and fevers on a few occasions. I have been quick to recommend Amanda to friends and would not hesitate to work with her in the future. 

Susannah Izatt

We contacted Amanda after months of our 2 year old boy, Otis struggling to settle himself at night. He would take hours to get to sleep every evening and then wake up regularly through the night and the process of trying to settle him would repeat itself. We spent most nights on his bedroom floor as it was the only way he would sleep. I visited Amanda at the 999 medical centre and very quickly Amanda helped us see where we were going wrong and most helpfully taught us how to offer Otis consistency and reassurance without being on his bedroom floor! It took a few weeks but we were so pleased with the method Amanda taught us to use, and she gave us the confidence through her ongoing support programme to keep going! He now sleeps well, through the night and wakes up a happy little boy! Thank you.

Kiran and Nick King

Amanda is an amazing baby sleep and food consultant and I cannot recommend her highly enough. After 11 months of very limited sleep I was feeling desperate – Amelie was waking every few hours and would only go back to sleep if I fed her. I didn’t want to leave her to cry but having tried lots of different methods I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. 
As soon as I spoke to Amanda, my life changed – she explained exactly what was going on for Amelie and within a few nights I saw huge changes. I now have a very happy 13 month year old who sleeps through every night from 6.30pm to 6am. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without Amanda who gave me limitless support and advice. I will always be very grateful to her and feel lucky that I found her. She’s brilliant.

Prue Nichols

I’m not sure words could really express my gratitude to Amanda.
When I contacted Amanda I was in a desperate situation and I wasn’t even sure anyone could help but Amanda’s calming, gentle nature and understanding made me see differently.

Amelia was 3 years and 3 months when I contacted Amanda in Feb 2014.  I had quite a few issues. Firstly she was still sleeping in my bed and had done since she was born, secondly she was still breastfeeding to sleep and she didn’t know how to self settle at all and would wake upto 5 times through the night for a feed, not only that but she wanted to still feed anything up to 4 times through the day! I was at my wits end, felt like I had no life and saw no end to this. I even started to feel wrong for feeding Amelia at the age she was but talking to Amanda who’s very passionate about breastfeeding made me realise that what I was doing was actually amazing and I started to feel proud.

It wasn’t easy there were lots of tears from both sides. Amelia found it difficult at first as this was a complete change for her but she worked with me and we got there and Amanda was there every step of the way no matter what time of day to keep me strong and I can’t thank you enough. You have given me my life back.

Now it’s like a distant memory how she was.

Within a week Amelia was in her own bedroom, self settling to sleep, not breastfeeding to sleep at all and would have one feed during the day as “her time” which we both enjoyed.

Now Amelia is asleep between 6.30-7pm rarely asks to breastfeed anymore but sometimes she does have a feed during the day and although she does still wake sometimes through the night it only takes seconds and she’s back to sleep again. We are both so much happier and Amelia loves the routine.

Again I can’t thank Amanda enough for what she has done she truly is an amazing person to know and feel I have gained a friend for life.

Thank you so much

Sophie & Amelia Samuels

Dear Amanda,

We want to thank you so much for all the help, and advice you gave us to get Natanel to sleep better at night. He just turned 1 and was waking 3 times a night and wouldn’t settle unless he had a bottle of milk. With your advice, we stopped the bottles altogether and instead gave him cows milk in a cup to have alongside his breakfast and supper.
We stopped the snacks and gave him three big meals a day too,  as well as started the gradual retreat process for when he wakes. 
 It literally took a few nights and he stopped waking so much and started sleeping all night with early wakenings. Few weeks later and he now sleeps 6.30-7 most days and we’re so happy! Just need to conquer the nap times now, but I know we’ll get there too! 

Your dedication, constant check ups and caring nature was a life saver and we’re so grateful!
Thank you!! 

Shternie and David Rose

I can’t thank Amanda enough for her amazing guidance and advice over the last few weeks. At 10 months old, Elai has gone from waking every 2-3 hours for milk, to sleeping pretty much through the night and waking up for a yummy healthy breakfast every morning. All of this was over the space of 1 week, without using the CIO method. Amanda replaced the constant need for milk and comfort, and helped us to give Elai the security he needed to be able to self-soothe himself back to sleep every night. 

Elai never used to want any breakfast – he was so full from guzzling milk all night! Amanda not only helped Elai’s sleeping habits, but also encouraged us to experiment much more with finger food and delicious meals, which he loves. He now has 3 big meals a day, and a very healthy appetite. 

Amanda’s endless support and advice was so reassuring to all of us. We are all so grateful now that *everyone* is sleeping better!

Highly, highly recommended!

Mandy, Moosh & Elai

Matthew (nearly 3) was never a great sleeper. It was not unusual for him to protest loudly for up to two hours at bedtime and he was an early riser – sometimes between 5am to 5.30am. But things took a turn for the worse after he had a severe case of chicken pox and then almost immediately a very bad cough and cold. He barely slept during both illnesses – and got used to me being with him at nighttime.

Putting him to bed – after both these illnesses – was a nightmare. He would be happily having story time with his five and a half year old sister, but as soon as we started the bedtime routine his face dropped and lower lip started to tremble. He became very anxious, repeatedly asking me where I would be going, when I would be coming back and then the sobbing (and often screaming) would start. This went on for up to two hours. He was so distressed and anxious. I had no idea what to do – stay with him or leave him or keep coming back?

He was same during the night and most nights I ended up sleeping in his room. We were both so exhausted. Eventually we called Amanda to help us.
I was doubtful he would change but Amanda’s confidence and reassurance put my mind at rest. She set out a very clear plan and her priority was to ensure Matthew felt relaxed and happy about bedtime/sleep time.

During the sleep programme, my partner put our little girl to bed – she was incredibly patient knowing I would have to spend more time with her little brother at bedtime. Meanwhile I started his bedtime routine, which was much earlier than usual as Amanda thought Matthew had now become over tired. He had cosy quiet time just with me so he wasn’t vying for my attention with Isabella.

The gradual retreat method was tough but worked. Matthew resisted loudly, desperately trying to keep me near and wanting to stay in control. There were many tears on both our parts, but Amanda remained consistently strong and supportive so I could get through it. She responded to my texts quickly and we spoke daily.

After a month Matthew was falling asleep with me outside the door (having been holding his hand sitting next to him at the start of it). He tends to sleep through the night and if he does call out for me, I stand by the outside of the door briefly with a few hushing words of reassurance. Morning times are a bit hit and miss but we are working on these. On average he sleeps for 11 hours at night and still has a short nap if he is struggling during the day.

We are a much happier household and Amanda is still around to give support. Thank you Amanda – you are a real blessing!

Niki and John, Isabella and Matthew

My son Ori was born a month early and due to a bad case of jaundice and weight loss, was hospitalized for his first week of life. I very much wanted to fully breast feed my baby but we were instructed to also give him formula in order to get his weight back up.

We live in Israel and I was introduced to Amanda when Ori was about 10 weeks old. Even though I had visited a lactation expert in Israel, I no longer had the confidence or faith that I was producing enough milk to fully breast feed. After my first consultation with Amanda over skype, my confidence was boosted straight away that we would be able to get Ori exclusively breast fed. Over the next week, Amanda was a constant source of support. The fact that we lived thousands of miles apart did not matter at all. Morning and night Amanda was there providing me with all the support, advice and assurance necessary.

We were able to move Ori over to breast feeding and he is a happier and healthy bundle of joy and that’s thanks to Amanda’s advice, professionalism and care along the way. She has always been there to answer any question or doubt that I may have a long the way and her passion for what she does shines through.

I would strongly recommend Amanda however near or far !

Rebecca & Eyal Zluf

We contacted Amanda when our daughter was just over six months old. Amanda was recommended to us by a friend and we are so grateful for all her help, it was one of the best things we did. I only wish we had meet her sooner.

When we first met our daughter was waking up every 2-3 hours at night and taking ages to fall asleep again. I was breastfeeding her to sleep and in the evenings was feeding her constantly from 6 till sometimes 11 when she was so exhausted she would finally drop off. Also she wouldn’t sleep in her cot at all during the day. Both my husband and I were exhausted and it was also affecting our other two children.

Amanda was wonderful when we met. She gave me great advice on how to fit sleep/ solid food and breast feeds into some sort of routine. Although I had initially contacted her for help regarding sleep, she was able to help me get our daughter eating much better as well.

Within 3-4 weeks our daughter was sleeping 12-13 hours at night and having 2 naps of 2hrs a day, which at 11 months she still does!  Our lives are so much better now. Our daughter is now a wonderful, calm, happy and well-rested baby. Getting her sleep sorted has really transformed our family.

The best thing about Amanda is the care and support she gave me and how she is so supportive of breastfeeding. When you haven’t slept well in ages it seems that it is impossible to imagine a time when your baby will sleep. Amanda gave me the confidence and help to get our daughter sleeping well. If I ever I had a bad night whilst teaching our daughter to sleep I knew Amanda would be there on the end of the phone the next morning to give me the support and encouragement to carry on. This meant so much to me.

Thank you so much Amanda, now our daughter is nearly one. What is lovely is that Amanda still contacts us to see how we are. Your kindness and support is really wonderful and you have helped us so much.

Ann & family x

My son Zach was 13 months old and was still exclusively breastfeeding. Zach systematically refused to eat anything  you put in front of him. He would turn his nose up at breakfast lunch and dinner. Desperate for help I turned to Amanda Marks who was recommended by a local mum in my area. Amanda gave me a home visit followed by a new feeding plan. Over the next few days and weeks Amanda proved to be one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met.  After meeting Amanda you immediately feel a great sense of trust and integrity towards her. After a few painful days and nights Zach finally started to taste and enjoy food. It was amazing to watch Zach eat independently.  With the breastfeeds only given at certain times of the day Zach was eating more like a normal baby of his age. Even when we had a few set backs Amanda was always there to offer support and encouragement.  I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone. She is a bright light in a dark place.

Deborah Lynch


When we got in touch with Amanda in May 2013, our 11 month old daughter at the time had never slept through the night. She was still co-sleeping with us as we had never managed to successfully get her to sleep in her cot and she was breast feeding every hour. Getting her down to sleep in the evening was a nightmare and my partner and I could not sit down to a meal together. Added to this, she had a very small appetite. 

When we met with Amanda in person she helped us to realise that our daughter did not need breastfeeding overnight and if we stopped this, she would start eating more, which would also help with her sleep. The first night was very difficult as our daughter had never gone with breastfeeding. It took a few nights, and Amanda was there even at night to offer support, but I was able to stop feeding her overnight. In a very short space of time her appetite improved. Amanda was prepared at each stage to let us go at our own pace, but also be there pushing us forward to the next step. I cannot thank her enough for her constant attention and advice during this period. 

At first our daughter was terrified of being in her cot and would scream and head bang against it. Amanda was there every step of the way supporting us by text and with telephone calls to move forward and to gradually retreat out of the room. She filled us with confidence in putting into place her advice, so that we could do it for ourselves.  

Amanda also supported me in continuing with breastfeeding even though I returned to work when our daughter was 12 months old. She is now almost 18 months and I am still successfully breastfeeding. I had not appreciated that was possible before. Amanda is so passionate about breastfeeding and without her I probably would have stopped once I started work.

The biggest change to our lives is that our daughter now goes to sleep with no fuss and either of us can put her down. She actually looks forward to sleep at night. It did take some time to achieve this but having our evenings back is amazing. She also sleeps through now most nights. 

I would highly recommend Amanda for sleep training or breast feeding advice. I was overwhelmed with just how attentive Amanda was during our journey. She was always on hand to listen and to gently persuade us to keep going and to be consistent. We are still in touch and it is obvious that she really cares about each and every parent and child that she helps.

Bec Attwood