Testimonials 2016

Our son Ethan who is 2 was going to sleep at night but required either my wife or I to sit with him and often hold his hand till he was asleep. We then would have to try quietly leave his room and often he would get up and this processed started again. Sometimes it was quick at 10 minutes but sometimes could be an hour. My wife is pregnant and so this was a lot harder for her to manage especially as we both work. We therefore contacted Amanda.

With her advice and plan we were able to get Ethan to not only come off his dummy but also eventually to also sleep himself once put in the cot and we could leave and sleep all night through.

Amanda was very supportive and friendly and her services have been very helpful and we would definitely recommend her.

We live in Birmingham and were not able to have a face to face consultation with Amanda but instead we had a long initial Skype consultation and this was very helpful. We then maintained regular contact over the next few weeks via text, whatsapp and Skype.
The process was long and although we had reached a good sleep pattern a stay away over Christmas caused a blip and then when we returned home he started to climb out of his cot and so we had to put him into a bed. With Amanda’s help Ethan was once again able to be guided back to the same sleep pattern.

He now goes to sleep by himself in his bed and sleeps the night through.

Dr Chirah Mehta

We first sought Amanda’s help when we were struggling with Jacob (aged 18 months’) sleep, eating and chronic eczema. Amanda recommended a dairy free diet and taking him off bottles completely. We did that and within a very short space of time, he was sleeping better, eating better and his skin was improving. He was subsequently diagnosed with numerous allergies (thankfully not severe but enough to make vomit if he had the wrong food- eggs, milk, nuts,beans,peas,potatoes!!)

Despite the allergies And with Amandas guidance we got Jacob to sleep well from about Feb 2015- Oct 2015. We then moved him into his new bedroom (and a new bed) when we found out we were expecting our second child.

From then on, He woke up 4-5 times a night crying, screaming and generally wanting either mummy or daddy. His eczema flared up again and we used to find him scratching his arms and legs (and any body part he could get his hand on really).

We had a Skype call on the Friday night with Amanda followed by whatsapp support. After following her guidance and easy to follow steps, he was sleeping through by the Sunday. Not only was he sleeping better, he was eating better and we also managed to get his eczema under control (with as little use of antihistamines and steroid as possible but still having to use both occasionally).

He also has quiet time in the morning and is happy to settle himself in his “big boy” bed on an evening.

There’s no doubt that Amanda’s holistic advice was sensible and took into account all the elements that were leading to Jacob being so unsettled at night. We can’t thank her enough for her support

Claire and Charlie Bartfield

Olive was 7 months old when we approached Amanda. She was exclusively breast fed (and I mean no bottles as she wholeheartedly refused those!) for just over 5 and a half months and then we slowly began weaning. Olive hit the 4 month sleep regression with a vengeance and from that point basically fed or suckled every hour / maybe two, night and day. In between those feeds, she was attached to my hip or in a sling otherwise she would just cry. She ended up sleeping in our bed at night and naps were on Mummy in the day. I had fed on demand (response feeding) from birth and at 7 months old she was certainly still having in excess of 13 feeds per 24 hours. Our little girl was a boobie monster and we couldn’t break the cycle to get her eating more or sleeping more. Add into the mix an energetic 5 year old and 6 weeks until our wedding. I was completely exhausted and chronically sleep deprived! All this had come as a shock as my 5 year old hit that golden milestone of ‘sleeping through the night’ well before 7 months!

Amanda was amazing. The 2 hour initial Skype session was unbelievably informative, encouraging and revitalising. We started that very same night and progress was clearly evident within 2 or 3 nights. Suddenly we were getting 8 hour stretches or 11 hours with 1 wake. Motivated by being able see the change happening and constantly supported by Amanda’s What’s App messages we motored on and within the 2 weeks we were ssh sshing at the bedroom door and Olive was sleeping 11+ hours. It was beyond belief AND no controlled crying; no leaving her to cry it out. It was at Olive’s pace and the incredible thing was that I started to sense that she was ready to transition between stage 1 to 2 and then 2 to 3 and so on. I think it is best described as Amanda parachuting into our home and our life for 2 weeks. She was completely immersed in Olive and supporting us to make the changes. As they say, the most successful leaders let people think and feel that they did it themselves and Amanda does just that. Alongside the changes at night were big changes to food and eating. Amanda helped me to overcome a fear that Olive might choke and embrace a baby led weaning approach.

We felt empowered, upskilled as parents and we suddenly blossomed as parents and as a family. The reduced dependence on breast feeding (now 4 feeds per day) meant that for the FIRST time in 7.5 months I got to go out without Olive for 2 hours of quality time with my big girl – previously I never left Olive for more than 45 minutes because I didn’t want her distressed that her milk supply was elsewhere! That is now quality time with Sophie is a weekly feature and adult time has returned as we have our evenings back. For dear little Olive, she is a happier and more contented soul as she is better rested and finally has a routine. She’s eating more than I thought it was possible for a baby to eat – and she’s excited by eating too! Moreover, she eats what we have as a family so she is experimenting with a huge range of different foods, all home cooked. Amanda, you have changed our lives in 2 weeks – it was the best £700 we’ve ever spent I think! Thank you so much for all your expertise, passion and time. The impact of your sleep programme is phenomenal.

Caroline May

To any more sleep deprived parents out there,

After hearing what amazing sleep miracles Amanda Marks can make happen by dear friend, we decided that we had to change our lives with our twins Maia & Daisy, (aged 17 months) who have been co sleeping most of their lives. With Daisy being happy in her cot and occasionally sleeping through the night. Maia on the other hand has never slept in a cot or away from me and was mostly attached to my boob all night. So on “bad” nights i was feeding Maia all night long, plus if Daisy woke up i “had” to feed her as well to get her back to sleep.

Putting the girls to bed every night has always been a hard chore as my husband works long hours and i was mostly stuck in their room for up to 2 hours feeding and rocking them.

After waiting a few weeks for Amanda to have time to begin working with us, we started on Monday afternoon with her 2 hour consultation over Skype and we started the programme once the girls woke up from their nap.
The first 3 nights were extremly hard. Cutting down from roughly 12-15 feeds a day to 2 were not easy on the 3 of us, but especially hard on myself. I felt like giving up and didnt see that my girls would ever sleep through and thought i just had to accept that. But the next night we went milk free with her constant guidance and on call support and shortly after both girls slept through the night. I loved that the girls were never left alone and had 100% reassurance at all times of Amanda’s sleep programme 1-4 stages..

From being with them in their room and rocking and patting and shushing to finally just sitting outside their bedroom door on the bedtime chair shushing.

Amanda had kept reassuring me that, i can do this…
and we’ve done it.

Its just amazing and i am actually looking forward to bedtime now and an evening “off”.

We couldn’t have done it without her ongoing “virtually there” support programme and are so happy, as our twins are with their new rested days and sleep filled nights

Jessica and Mickey Turnbull-Montonato

We sought out Amanda’s help as our little girl (6 months) was waking only 2-3 times a night but early in the morning. Sometimes she would resettle in our bed but at other times she was obviously tired but couldn’t get back to sleep and she was miserable. Naps were short and difficult. She had a ‘tranquil turtle’ (sound and light machine) addiction. I had to hide out in her room for every nap to reset the damn turtle every 15 minutes. This required good math skills!! I had actually recorded 2 hours (very optimistically) of turtle music in the hope that I could escape but the dictaphone wasn’t of reliable quality to keep this light sleeper asleep. She was breast feeding every hour but just snacking, weaning was not going so well.

With Amanda’s constant support over the 2 weeks and some extra follow up messages our daughter has been sleeping through the night with just her dream feed (it was our decision to keep this as we weren’t ready for her to be completely milk free). She has also been waking at a reasonable time. Our daughter is now a super napper and her daily routine is in place and a lot more structured.

Weaning is going well albeit slowly because of a sensitive tummy but our daughter loves all the food that we have given to her and she is happy to have lumps and finger food. She makes a good effort to feed herself!

We would definitely recommend Amanda to those tired and sleep deprived parents,
and especially to those who are breastfeeding. She understands breast feeding and can support with this as well as sleep and weaning… A winning combination!

Tina Hopkins

Dear Amanda

When I contacted you in March Diego would not spend more than a few hours a day in his cot. I was convinced that he was allergic to it!
During the day he always seemed tired and grumpy because he was just not getting enough sleep. He was also having plenty of formula milk day and night as the only way we thought he would fall sleep was to give him a bottle.

With your support and guidance Diego started to sleep in his cot through the night If he wakes up he knows how to fall sleep again and the best of all it’s his smiles in the morning because he feels rested.

He also started to eat proper food and big quantities of it.

As friends and family say he is a different child!

So for all this we can’t thank you enough. Our family life has been transformed and now we can all enjoy time together as a family but also we have recovered our adult quiet time.


The Stone-Panadero family

At 6 months our son was still waking up at least 3 times at night, mostly around 11pm, 2am en 5am but sometimes more often. He would feed for 30-45 mins and would then go back to sleep, sometimes easily but sometimes he’d also have lots of difficulties falling asleep. So we would never sleep for longer than 2 hours. Me and my husband were really exhausted and had tried many things. Our first son slept the full night from 2,5 months onwards and he’s been a great sleeper ever since so we thought that we could get good sleeping results quickly with our second son. We had already put in place the ’standard’ best practices so teach him the difference between day and night (which he knew fairly quickly), don’t let him nap for too long during the day, put him to bed drowsy but awake, have an evening bed ritual etc. But none of it helped.

We then spoke to Amanda and had a 2hr consultation with her. She was so kind, interested and very keen to help us. We received such valuable information during the consultation that we felt we wanted to give it a try on our own. (Amanda offers various options re the amount of support you would like to have.) Dropping the night feeds was relatively easy. With Amanda’s program you are always there for your baby and never ever (!) will you just let your baby cry. After a while he was able to fall asleep on his own much quicker during the night. Throughout the entire process Amanda was there for us when we needed her for advice, a practical tip or sometimes just encouragement. She’s genuinely interested in helping you and your baby or child and celebrates with you when you had a good night’s sleep.

Our son is now 9,5 months and for the last few months we’ve been enjoying wonderful nights of sleep. It’s truly amazing. I can’t even remember when was the last time that we had to get up in the middle of the night. People often ask me what was the trick but I believe it’s the full program that she offers.

Talitha Rutten

I seeked out Amanda’s help as my twins just turned 6 months as not only had their nighttime sleep deteriorated but I was overwhelmed by the weaning task ahead. Both had dummies and were waking in the night for bottles which meant they were then not hungry enough for breakfast milk or food and we were getting into a bad cycle !
We tackled Lucy first no dummy no milk , it was tough but Amanda was there for support all the time , and we worked through the stages Lucy responded and started to sleep more and eat more with all the fabulous suggestions , once she was in the swing of self settling we tackled Frankie as she was more likely to go through the night anyway . This was again very simple and she responded quickly , Lucy was not disturbed by this process as she had learnt to self soothe . Only a hand full of times did I have both crying which was hard but with gentle shush patting we got through it .
I am in total awe that 3 teeth in and 4 months later they are sleeping consistently 6:30 to 6:30 , if they do wake , I do nothing as they settle themselves back to sleep !!
Amanda has been amazing , supportive and helpful throughout , even after our time that we worked together she will answer my queries and we are well on the way to be bottle and formula free by 12 months
Thank you Amanda you have saved my sanity and you are worth every penny

Laura and Alan Holmes

Our 9 month old son was constantly waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes for periods of up to 2 hours in which he wouldn’t settle back to sleep. Amanda helped us tremendously after being referred to us by friends. Within a week of consultation and assistance from Amanda in which she helped us structure both his eating and sleeping regimes, reducing his milk intake and increasing his food intake, he moved to sleeping through the night for between 11 and 13 hours which has carried on up to now when he is just about to turn one year old. He is also sleeping well during his day time naps – particularly in the morning which usually consists of an hour and half nap mid morning. Amanda also helped us train our son so that he was able to go to sleep happily and quickly after being placed in his cot and on the few occasions that he has woken up during the night in the last 3 months he also settles back to sleep on his own within a minute or two without crying out. To have our son sleep trained without using the ‘crying out’ method was very important to us and we were happy to learn that this is indeed possible.

Jessica and Simon Chattrabhuti

When we first had Blake I was bf and Ff combo of both for various reasons. All seemed fine first 2 weeks although he wasn’t settling or sleeping much. But we put that down to early days etc. Our first daughter was text book no issues and sleeping through after 4 months. Again same combo of feeds and then just ff.
After a month or so it became apparent Blake was bringing most of his milk back up. And at that point it was only FF. We tried various different formulas as advised by our doctor but none of them seemed to help. If anything made it worse and he then had very bad colic. So we spent the next 5 months in and out of specialists ( Uk and Middle East) only to be told he probably had a milk allergy. Whatever that actually meant. So I went onto as many forums as Possible to find out what we could do to settle him and help him, and get a few hours sleep for him and us. At this point our specialist had put him on a prescription formula that was 90% free of milk proteins. He couldn’t keep most of the feeds down so they introduced different medication, which I was totally against for the record. However when you have a newborn and you’re advised by a ‘specialist’ that they need this medication you tend to want to try anything to help them. Again no explanation other than he needs this and he will grow out of it but probably have a dairy intolerance etc. His face had developed eczema so they then prescribed a steroid cream. It was all too quickly turning into a nightmare and a vicious circle. And nothing seemed to be helping him. I decided after speaking to several friends that had had similar experiences to try some rice cereal for him at 5 months to at least help keep his milk down. So began the every 2 hours feed followed by rice and that was our day followed into evening where we would literally be up all night and lucky if he slept 30 mins a time. I was looking on fb one day when I saw a mum from a group had posted about her baby not sleeping and feeding and how she’d come across this lady called Amanda Marks. So I reached out to Amanda in a desperate state and although she was very booked up she began working with us on an intensive 2 week sleep and weaning plan. She available 24/7 literally. And on hand during the night and day as we needed her. We were due to travel for a month 4 weeks later and we couldn’t see how we were going to do it with both kids and Blake being like that. Amanda put together a detailed plan based on Blakes case study. She devised his sleeping and eating plan in the first day and we began to see the effects of this after day 2. It was incredible, he went from being a baby who couldn’t sleep ,hold down a feed or any solids not even banana , to a baby that went into his own room on day 1, slept through the night by day 3. Reduced his formulas by over a half and started fully weaning him on a 3-4 course organic diet every day. By day 5 Amanda asked if we would consider stopping Blakes medication, so we were very happy to try. But of course nervous after so long and how sick he’d been. We gave it a go and within a day or so he was so much better without it. It was unbelievable after 5 months of a nightmare Amanda came along and literally changed everything,helped us get Blake into a routine, sleeping through the night and eating a incredible amount of food. It was a life changing time for all of us. And I hope that other parents and babies don’t have to go through this when people like Amanda are there to guide us and give us help and advice. He’s now turning 11 months old and an extremely healthy well fed, well slept and with no dairy allergy as he’s having organic whole cows milk , cheese and yoghurts with absolutely no issues!! Nearly off the formula! And his skin has cleared up amazingly.
Recently Our daughter Bella ,now 2.5 years old suddenly decided she didn’t want to sleep through the night anymore and wouldn’t go to bed without us being there until she fell asleep. So after getting Blake sorted we now had to deal with that. Amanda to the rescue once again. She explained it was a type of seperate on anxiety and that most small children can experience at one time or other. And Bella’s was likely caused by a virus she had and then us being there every time she woke and also falling asleep in her room whilst keeping an eye on her. Not things we’d usually do other than when she was unwell. Amandas sleeping guide for toddlers was brilliant, it does take perseverance as we know how determined they can be at that age. However Amanda wasnt going to let us leave it at that and determined to get Bella’s sleeping back on track. So eventually after approx 2.5 weeks she is now sleeping again through the night and going to bed without us staying in her room with her for hours! So once again Amanda our fairy godmother to the rescue! A superstar in our household and in many others too!

Haley and Nick Summerbee

Every evening dinner and sleep was a chore with our 3 yr DD, would be tired and exhausted by end of it. Amanda suggested some simple but effective techniques that worked wonders and now we actually enjoy it. Amanda was there throughout the process and was always a phone call or msg away. She would guide us through each step and any concerns till our DD settled into the new routine. A huge thanks to Amanda.

Please let us know if this is alright.
It was great to see you and the boys today and we really enjoyed having you, Tosha had a great time.


Preeti Poddar

My little boy had been sleeping through the night since he was about 3 months. It was a shock to the system when at 1 year he started waking up at night – sometimes for 2-3 hours at a time. I had started work about the same time so it wasn’t ideal to say the least! Functioning like a normal human being was near impossible! We were not fans of the cry it out or controlled crying method – it would have been too distressing for all of us so we needed an alternative- quick. I’d been following Amanda on Facebook since he was born and she was my first port of call! She was understanding, encouraging and supportive – we felt so much better after our first chat! We decided to move forward with a Skype consultation and ongoing support via Skype and what’s app. She put a plan in place for him and after two rough nights we began seeing the changes! He was eating more, happier in his cot and sleeping better even though he had a cold! Amanda’s stage 1-4 program worked really well for Angad. Crying it out is not necessary, the gentler way is so much better! I couldn’t thank Amanda enough – her support has been invaluable and I don’t think we could have done it without her! Love her! :) xxx

Jasjeet and Guv Mohain

We came across Amanda following a recommendation from a fellow (formerly) sleep deprived Mumma after I posted on a group page in complete desperation. I have no idea right now what I wrote, but I had hit rock bottom with no sleep for an extended period of time (about 4 or so years) and little did I know at that time, how much of an impact she would have on all of our lives.
She must have sensed where I was at, as she replied almost immediately and arranged a Skype call so she could gather as much information, not just about our youngest son who was causing the majority of the night time mayhem, but about our whole family, our routines, our methods of weaning, sleeping etc. It was here that we knew she was the person who could take us on a journey to a good nights’ sleep.
Jasper was born prematurely and as our second premature baby in as many years, we knew from our experience with his older brother that a good sleep was a commodity we probably wouldn’t have again for quite some time. He had always been demand fed as a baby (I breastfed for a year) and he had enjoyed baby led weaning and by this point, had a very solid appetite, but was still liking to have almond milk in a bottle. We got to around 18 months old and things started to gnaw away at us. No decent night-time sleep, no decent day-time naps. Here was a very happy child surviving on less than 8 hours sleep a day. How was this humanly possible? The sporadic blocks of sleep were nowhere near enough for his Mummy so most definitely were not enough for a growing toddler!
I won’t go into the program as a whole, but there were no tears, it was gentle and completely inline with how we had chosen to parent our children. Amanda provided an abundance of support via Skype, Phone, Messenger, WhatsApp at ANY time of day (and in our case, night.) We very quickly managed to drop his bed-time bottle and any night-time milk demands he was making and I was giving in to (this was no mean feat – some nights there were many!) Then the good part started…. Our little guy started to sleep. He would actually get into his bed, have stories and say goodnight. And SLEEP!! It took a solid few weeks in our case as he is a stubborn little guy, but Amanda stayed with us, supported us and made it impossible for us to go back on our decision to get this gorgeous little being to sleep through the night. Who knew that our happy little boy could be even happier with a good nights sleep?!?
So we roll forward 10 or so months. He still sleeps (for the most part!) He’s had some sleep hurdles, like recurring croup and asthma, a surgery and hospital stay, being taken to the other side of the World semi-regularly to see family and friends, but we have always tried to come back to the methods Amanda proved to us, work.
We are so grateful that Amanda came into our lives and made something that felt insurmountable at the time, happen so quickly, so lovingly and so calmly. She’s our angel and we would not hesitate to recommend anyone having similar sleep issues with their child, to reach out to her.

Ali and Paul Burton

We were utterly exhausted and at breaking point around the time that Rafi turned 7 months. With bad reflux since day one, breastfeeding struggles, trial and error with various formulas, medicines and doctors, days and nights filled with crying (not just from Rafi!), we had struggled our way through and were just about functioning on the little bits of sleep we were getting. We started weaning Rafi at around 5 months due to reflux and were feeding him pureed vegetables and fruit but it hadn’t made him much better.

Cue Amanda Marks, weaning and sleep consultant extraordinaire, who thanks to a recommendation from a friend Hayley, came to our rescue at just the right time. My husband and I had an initial chat with Amanda on Skype and knew straight away that she was going to help us.

I think what stood out was Amanda’s holistic approach from the word go – we needed advice on how to get Rafi to sleep better, but before starting any type of sleep training, Amanda first wanted to address what food he was eating, how much formula he was having and what medicines he was on. We were advised to introduce new mealtimes, cut down on the amount of formula and to give Rafi hearty bowels of porridge at teatime. We really wanted to reduce the amount of medicine he was on, and with Amanda’s support we gave that a go too, but realised quite quickly that he wasn’t ready for it so upped the dose again. Amanda wanted to know his entire history and took everything into consideration before advising us what to do.

Once Rafi was eating well it was time to try and cut out the night feeds which by that point were purely for comfort, and to start gently teaching Rafi how to self settle. The words ‘self settle’ had not been spoken in our house up until that point. We had been getting through the days and nights by going for lots of walks, trying to get Rafi to sleep in the buggy, in the sling, in our arms – wherever possible. He never napped in his cot for longer than 30 mins at a time, and that was with at least 30 minutes of joggling him to sleep. The nights were hellish – we would be up with a screaming, overtired baby 6 times a night, sometimes all being awake for 4 hours at a time not knowing what to do. We would often finally get him to sleep and he’d wake up 20 mins later crying. Because he had reflux we had got into all sorts of bad habits and we told Amanda we just didn’t feel comfortable leaving him to cry for any period of time.

Amanda’s sleep training programme is very gentle and reassuring for both the baby and the parents. She was with us every step of the way and without the level of support she offers there’s no way we would have got through it. We were advised to start on stage 2 of Amanda’s sleep training which is ‘pick up, put down’ and I really doubted that it would work for us and thought Rafi wouldn’t respond to it at all. With a quick boost of confidence over Skype from Amanda, we knew what we had to do and we were ready to give it a go. It sounds dramatic but when you haven’t slept for 7 months and you then have to tackle sleep training it’s tough! But with Amanda sending encouraging texts and reminders to ‘be consistent’ and with lots of Skype chats along the way we got through the first night and then the second and third, and saw improvements we never thought possible.

After 2 very challenging weeks I am writing this testimonial and have somehow already got used to the fact that we have a baby who now self settles, naps in his cot twice a day, has slept through the night 4 times so far and is able to resettle himself when he wakes! Rafi now has a routine, knows what’s coming next, and (unsurprisingly) is much happier and more settled after a good meal and a good nap. We have had some night wakings recently which Rafi struggles with, and he tends to wake at around 5ish which isn’t the most sociable hour, but he usually occupies himself for a while until we go in at 6 which is more acceptable! We are still working on extending his morning wake up time, but for now I feel back in control and if the restful nights continue I might be able to feel something other than ‘tired’ soon! Although Rafi’s now on the move so maybe not!

Thank you Amanda :)

Alexandra and David Kelly

Our daughter Summer is blessed with both tenacity and a fine set of lungs, making sleep often an unattainable goal for us. After thirteen months of sleep depravation where we had no more than two hours of unbroken sleep a night our friend Jess, who has twins, recommended Amanda after finally reaching the land of dreams.

We live in London, so had the opportunity to meet with Amanda and introduce our magical little girl to her potential nemesis. On meeting her for the first time, what struck us most about Amanda was her supreme confidence in her ability to sleep wrestle even the wiliest of REM avoiders.

We were sceptical before and after our meeting, that Amanda could change Summer’s sleep habits in just two weeks. What we later came to understand though was that Amanda was not only working with Summer but with us and that this trifecta could make all the difference. She gave us the confidence when we had none and the tools that we lacked. She helped us believe in the mantra of consistency and despite Summer’s protestations she affirmed that we would succeed. Most importantly she reassured us that Summer was OK, she knew we were there in the room with her and a waterfall of early tears was not a signal to deviate the course.

After only the third night our co-sleeping since birth, frequently night-time breast fed baby girl was going down in her own cot with little or no fuss.

Of course, we hit road bumps during the two weeks, but Amanda’s daily chat’s and consistent support and advice helped us stay the course. She was constantly available and never tired or lost interest in everything we had to say about that night’s experience. Amanda never failed to reply to a whatsapp message or skype request. She never rushed, never deviated and never lost faith in our ability to prevail. We always felt like we were her first and only client. She has a unique combination of gentle militancy and resolute compassion; she is as our friend Jess says the “Queen of Sleeping Babies”.

We still occasionally have a night where Summer decides it’s not really bedtime, but sitting on our shoulders is Amanda gently whispering keep going, be consistent and she’s OK.

There are few people who choose a true vocation in life and even fewer who succeed at it, Amanda is one of those people and we are blessed to have found her.

Candice and Jonathan Harris

I was highly recommended to Amanda by a number of very reliable sources. Our first conversation was had when my daughter, Lila, was 5 months old. Amanda does not start sleep training until babies are 6 months. However, once she met me we began to tailor make a plan which would be suitable for our situation.

Lila is EBF but at 5 months I was very keen to get her started on solids as I had a feeling she was hungry. She was napping well during the day but come bed time all chaos broke loose. Lila would go down in her cot awake and usually settle but fifteen minutes later would be up and would not sleep unless I held her – ALL NIGHT!!!!

I was feeding her once during the night but even that didn’t really settle her. Both of us were exhausted!!

Amanda came along and was incredible from the offset. As Lila was a little younger than her normal client and due to the fact that we were going away for 3 weeks we started focussing on introducing foods. Lila loved to eat!! Amanda’s suggestions are nutritious and delicious. She immediately began to sleep better.

However, there were some tough nights. It was very clear to Amanda that Lila just wanted to sleep but struggled to know how to do this alone. She started to get cross when I held her. Amanda was there every step along the way and tailor made approaches that seemed to benefit Lila. She fully understands that every baby and mother is different and worked tirelessly to get us both sleeping better! I never left her alone crying which did not feel right to me.

Lila is now 8 months – loves eating and sleeps all night!

Amanda has really been wonderful. She is supportive kind and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone as shown by the fact I currently have three friends working with her : )

Hayley Wollenberg

Thank you for being such a fabulous sleep fairy. What an amazing job you have done, it must be so rewarding. We feel so great gifting sleep to Otto but you gift it to hundreds of children. Amazing!!

Thank you so much

Layla Griffin, Ed and Otto 💙

So grateful to you Amanda – George (9 months ) is now sleeping through the night and having two naps during the day. This time last week I was completely frazzled and sleep deprived after months of getting up 4 times each night to feed George back to sleep.

Even though you had performed the same miracle with Amelie – I had got out of sync and stopped following your advice – I also felt too tired to even try anything else.

I feel like a difference person now and George is eating loads since I’ve stopped feeding him though the night. Thank you Amanda for your boundless energy, motivation and a wonderful programme that a million miles away from ‘Crying it out’. You are amazing. xxxx

Pru and Mathew Jones

Amanda helped us at a time when we were really struggling with our little one’s sleep.
She was 11 months old at the time and was used to being rocked to sleep and used to settle only on the chest.
It was exhausting!
Being sleep deprived, I had read a lot on ‘sleep training’ and managed to get rid of the night feeds (except the dream feed) but could not get our little one to settle in the cot.
Amanda’s stage 1 to stage 4 approach was incredibly helpful.
We managed to stop the dream feed on the first night we started the programme.
We were still co-sleeping so dad did all the stage 1 comforting.
We progressed to stage 2 quickly and got her to settle in the cot and stage 3 helped her to settle with shhing and patting.
Amanda was also incredibly supportive on extended breastfeeding, which I have been able to continue (morning and evening) despite cutting out night and afternoon feeds which actually improved her appetite.
With improvement and full night time sleep, her daytime naps improved as well.
We still co-sleep and our little one is an early riser but we don’t mind as she sleeps really well at night and as full time working parents we get some time to play in the morning!

Mrinmayee Kulkarni

Following our son’s 1st birthday, I was worried about his food intake as he was still asking breast milk at least 4 times a day and also 3-4 times during the night,
By his 15th month, he did not gain any weight for the first time since he was born and at that time I decided to take a professional help without changing his routine completely. I do not even go into details with his sleep routine where he used to wake up at least 4-5 times during the night and being a breast to sleeping baby before Amanda’s help. As we have been doing attachment parenting, sharing the room even when he was 15 months old, usually ended in our bed, offering breastmilk whenever he wanted, never letting him cry etc. since he was born, the idea of a sleep or breastmilk training was really not for me but on the other hand I was feeling so tired and hopeless.
Then one of my friends recommended Amanda as her approach is very smooth and her food/sleep programme very gentle and baby led.
We visited her clinic and had our first consultation and after that she created a programme for us all to begin and
“Edward Alp’s dream team” was created.
She is so conscious that every child is different, so by the end of first week we understand that it will take time with Alp for the sleep routine, however regarding the breastfeeding/weaning process after 3rd night she provided us a fabulous routine with breastfeeding, no milk after 3rd night and only twice during the day, his appetite has completely changed and increased so much!
Her knowledge about foods, meal ideas are simply great! Then the magic has happened and he started to sleep 11hours during the night, with only one wake up but could self-soothe himself.
After we had the training we went for a holiday where we had to share the room with him and I was expecting a complete change in his routine but he was absolutely fine, maybe 2 wake up’s but only 1 minute to calm him down. When we were back at home, because of the time difference he started to wake up around 5am which was quite tiring but we re-started our training program by revising all the tips that Amanda had given us and now we are back to normal. The best thing is she is always around, even today I know that I can ask her something about Edward Alp’s routine and she will answer with a pleasure!
In 21st Century it is just so great to meet people like Amanda who love their job and do not make you feel like you are just one of the clients!
We cannot recommend Amanda or her training highly enough and we feel very lucky to know her!
PS Just a quick note, if you think that you need help, do not delay as we did and had the training when our son was 15months old, it would be so much easier for us to have had the training by 6 months!

Gizem and Alp Erdem

To any more sleep deprived parents out there,

After hearing what amazing sleep miracles Amanda Marks can make happen, by my dear friend Shruti, we decided that we had to change our lives with our twins Maia & Daisy, (aged 17 months) who have been co sleeping most of their lives. With Daisy being happy in her cot and occasionally sleeping through the night. Maia on the other hand has never slept in a cot or away from me and was mostly attached to my boob all night. So on “bad”nights i was feeding Maia all night long, plus if Daisy woke up i “had” to feed her as well to get her back to sleep.
Putting the girls to bed every night has always been a hard chore as my husband works long hours and i was mostly stuck in their room for up to 2 hours feeding and rocking them.

After waiting a few weeks for Amanda to have time to begin working with us, we started on Monday afternoon with her 2 hour consultation over Skype and we started the programme once the girls woke up from their nap.
The first 3 nights were extremly hard. Cutting down from roughly 12-15 feeds a day to 2 were not easy on the 3 of us, but especially hard on myself. I felt like giving up and didnt see that my girls would ever sleep through and thought i just had to accept that. But the next night we went milk free with her constant guidance and on call support and shortly after both girls slept through the night. I loved that the girls were never left alone and had 100% reassurance at all times of Amanda’s sleep programme 1-4 stages..
From being with them in their room and rocking and patting and shushing to finally just sitting outside their bedroom door on the bedtime chair shushing.
Amanda had kept reassuring me that, i can do this…
and we’ve done it.
Its just amazing and i am actually looking forward to bedtime now and an evening “off”.

We couldn’t have done it without her ongoing “virtually there” support programme and are so happy, as our twins are with their new rested days and sleep filled nights

Jessica Monsanata Turnbull and Mickey Blue Turnbull

We contacted Amanda when our twins, Adrian and Irene, were 14 months old. At that time we were severely sleep deprived and reaching desperation levels. Our twins never were good sleepers, but things got much worse when they started attending nursery. They had to adapt to new carers, schedules of meals and naps and, in addition, they started with intermittent colds and fevers. As a result their sleep pattern got worse and they started waking up multiple times at night, never sleeping more than two straight hours and usually taking them a lot of time to settle and go back to sleep. When we contacted Amanda each of us was sleeping with one of them in a separate room. Daddy comforted Irene with an expressed milk bottle or formula and often times, especially near the final hours of the night, rocked her to sleep on a bouncy chair. Adrian only sought comfort on mummy’s breast multiple times every night. During the day they only napped in their bouncy chairs and both of them were using dummies.

On our Skype consultation with Amanda we reviewed their schedules, milk/food intakes and she immediately reassured us that following her program our twin’s sleep pattern would change for the best and she was right! First of all, and following Amanda’s indications, we made some changes to our twin’s schedules of meals, naps and bedtime. We worked with the nursery to adapt their schedule of meals too. Secondly, we followed her step-by-step method of dealing with separation anxiety. Importantly, she encouraged me to keep breastfeeding, but at the right times and never to sooth babies to sleep. Since the beginning she demonstrated so much experience and her program was so natural and gentle, that we always felt confident in what we were doing. In addition we had 24/7 support from her, so we could adapt her program quickly to our twin’s responses.

Although the initial night was hard with both of them crying for a long time before falling asleep, they were held and comforted throughout. Adrian and Irene responded very well to the program and in just a few days their sleep pattern improved. By the end of the second week we achieved fabulous results and they were sleeping 11 to 12 straight hours on their own. Just one week after achieving that milestone the two of them were sleeping together in their room. Their naps improved too and they take now 1 to 2 h afternoon nap in their cots. As a result they are more rested during the day and our nights improved by a lot. We couldn’t be happier!!!

As always with babies there are sometimes rocky phases when they are teething or sick and they wake up multiple times during the night. Thanks to Amanda, however, we can cope with it as she has taught us how to reassure and go back to good habits even if this sometimes feel like a step back.

Thanks Amanda for your help and company along our journey, your advice and support are invaluable and we will always be grateful to you.

Diana, Jose, Irene and Adrian Munera

My baby was co sleeping and feeding all night at 8 months. We were all totally shattered and couldn’t seem to break the cycle. Ella had gone from sleeping well in her cot up until six months to suddenly only wanting to feed all night and sleep in bed with us and it was no longer good for any of us. Amanda met us at 999 and we went for her medium package. We had a really tough start but with Amanda’s support we kept going where we otherwise might have caved in. Two months on and Ella is sleeping 11 hrs in her cot at night, feeding twice a day and eating really well. I’d never have thought we wld get here. We are still working on day naps and settling going down awake but overall a million percent improvement! Huge thanks to Amanda for preserving with us.

Lucy and Josh Roiter

I contacted Amanda when my second child was almost one years old as she was fighting going to sleep every night and we were getting so worn out as we didn’t want to leave her to cry. I implemented Amanda’s suggestions and after the first day there was a huge improvement….and after the first week Alayna was going to sleep all by herself and fully through the night and waking up so happy and rested.
When my third daughter, Ariana, was 10 months and waking 4-5 times a night for feeds and sleeping no more than 2-3 hours at a time I didn’t hesitate to contact Amanda immediately. Once again Amanda came to my rescue and after 2 days, Ariana was sleeping through the night in her own room and taking 2 naps a day for 2 hours each. It has had a huge impact on our family as I get quality time with the other two children and Ariana is so much happier, eating amazingly and well rested everyday. I don’t even want to imagine what my life would be like had we not contacted Amanda. She has made breastfeeding so much easier than it was for my first two all due to her routine and guidance.
We worked with her via her SKYPE service and I would have always assumed that success is when the consultants are present in the home, but empowered with her stage 1-4 steps, we set to work and she supported us fully throughout.
I am constantly recommending Amanda to friends and family and they have all had the same results.

[UPDATE] Well Amanda you did it again….first you had Alayna (then 1 years old) going to sleep without a sound within 2 days and now you have Ariana (8.5 months) sleeping through the night in 3 days…no more 3-4 milk feeds during the night….no more grumpy baby during the day and taking amazing naps on her own! I can’t thank you enough. With 3 kids under 4 years old, I need my sleep and it’s made a huge difference how much calmer I am with my older girls now.

Thank you Amanda x x x

Sara Anderson

Hello Amanda
Aris has been sleeping through the night for the last 2 weeks – 11 hours straight! Couldn’t believe it! No stage 4 needed. Naps as well-although they are shorter because of big sister noise :) Even Elli sleeps through the night! Amanda you did magic!

[UPDATE] I just wanted to send my update through your Facebook group after our consultation with you and working independently with your programme.
Aris has been sleeping through the night for the last 2 weeks – 11 hours straight! Couldn’t believe it! No stage 4 needed. Naps as well-although they are shorter because of big sister noise :) Even Elli sleeps through the night! Amanda you did magic!

Agapi Archontaki

To parents with kids that don’t sleep and believe they’ve tried everything!…
Amanda Marks can help.
I truly believed my kids were beyond help. My son at 2+ yrs had never slept through, we were attending to him constantly. We’d tried everything inc letting him cry it out which ended up (for us) doing more harm than good.
Amanda got on board and he was sleeping 11 – 12hrs happily with no tears at all in a matter of weeks.
It was so great we decided to have another baby!! This time round I didn’t leave it so long. My daughter hadn’t slept for more than a few hours since birth. At 7 months I was totally finished. I’d been told by various sleep experts that she was ‘spoilt’ and a ‘drama queen’ – awful stuff. It’s been two weeks and my gorgeous girl is sleeping 12hrs a night and we are continuing work on daytime naps. She’s changed our lives twice! It doesn’t have to be like it is, get your life back xx it’s totally possible. Couldn’t recommend Amanda more highly x

Katie Zeitlin Lester

Amanda, in just over 2 weeks you have transformed this little lady’s life! (7.5 months) was breast feeding every 1 – 2 hours night and day since she was born – and she wouldn’t take a bottle so she ended up in our bed every night as I battled chronic sleep deprivation. I knew I couldn’t keep going like that for much longer and we also knew that our gorgeous girlie needed less milk and more food BUT we couldn’t break the cycle. It is amazing that she has been sleeping 11 – 12 hours the last few nights in her own cot and eating LOADS in the day. She loves feeding herself and trying new foods – prawns, salmon, scones and jam, pasta, curry, homemade pizza, ( home made of course) under your direction and all kinds of fruit and veg, croissants, yoghurt, bagels, cream cheese….and too many more to mention, all in the last week!
And we still have special Mummy breastmilk time, just 4 times a day not 13+ every 24 hours!!! AND all of this has been without any distress to my daughter at all – I’ve been there for her the whole journey.
Thank you xx

Hi Amanda,
So I woke up this morning and just knew I would be posting my story so far for the members of this group to read. I haven’t even sent Amanda my latest update, as I wanted her to read it on here and smile.
A week into working with the incredible Amanda, and my non-eater, 10 times night waker, co-sleeper baby has now been transformed. Even though you’d say it’s still early days the 2 nights in a row, 6.30pm -6.30am, in her own cot in her own room- undisturbed sleep, had been a revelation. She now points at food at meal times.. And EATS it! Sometimes asking for more than even I could handle to eat! :-)
Nap times were always a struggle, and having 2 days with poor naps I was thinking we wouldn’t crack that. But today, after quiet time, my husband kissed her on her forehead, and walked out of the room. She blinked and was asleep! Magic.
That is the word I will be using to describe “Amanda”, even though she told me she’s not a magician!
Her work ethic and relationship with her clients is second to none- she’s your best friend and support throughout. Being pregnant with raging hormones, i was a mess to deal with.
Crying if my baby cried or even just moaned, telling Amanda it was over and I couldn’t do it. Each time my outburst became more dramatic Amanda became more positive and yet remained super calm- just what the doctor ordered to have me bounce back smiling each time.
I know our story is not over, and like I said we acknowledge its early days, but through the tears, laughs and smiles- I think we all already feel like winners with Amanda. So thank you my darling lady- you are worth so much more than you know!
Love from the

Sahi family xxx