With Amanda’s support and encouragement, I exclusively breastfed my daughter, Maia, until she was 6 months, and only then introduced solid foods to her diet. I consulted Amanda for weaning advice as I really wanted to make sure that Maia continued to eat well, for the sake of her wellbeing but also because I am passionate about food and love to cook!

Amanda advised how and when to introduce Maia to different food types. I found Amanda’s approach to be more cautious than most however I feel confident that the slower pace should help to minimise the risk of Maia developing adverse reactions to foods and allergies.

During the consultation, Amanda also explained how to continue to breastfeed on a long-term basis.

Armed with Amanda’s advice and tasty recipe tips, I have found weaning to be a fun and exciting time.

Maia made the transition to solids with the minimum of distress. She is now 9 months and happily eating her way through 3 meals a day, progressing well with the messy business of feeding herself and drinking from a cup.

It’s a joy to watch her eat, so clearly enjoying her food.


Coco Chan