“Through the eyes of a Parent” is a unique service offered to parents where I consult, provide care and support and most importantly treat every client as an individual. I can relate to all aspects of baby/child care from breastfeeding, weaning to sleep training. I pass on my confidence and passion with a hands on approach.

There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying for a consultant like me, to see and experience a parent with confidence passing those vibes to their young, therefore successfully being able to meet their babies/children’s needs.

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A former nanny and maternity nurse with 25 years + experience working with families in the UK and worldwide, trained as a breastfeeding advisor with Unicef and Surestart, where i not only experienced working in the hospitals but also directly with the families at very vulnerable times and then trained with Peter Walker completing my baby and developmental massage therapy course where I instinctively understood the concept and importance of “Skin to Skin contact”

I now realize the meaning of this journey and why it is, what i have to offer to future generations

Amanda X