Testimonials 2013

I can’t say enough about the patience, kindness and understanding Amanda extended to us as we worked towards getting May to sleep on her own through the night.  It was our wish to go slowly with the process, because as desperately as we all wanted to get some sleep , we  were wary of leaving May alone at night.

I lost my first baby the year before, and needed to get used to the idea that May was going to be alright sleeping on her own. She had been sleeping with us in our bed and nursing to sleep for the first year of her life.

We went from having her in our bed, waking every 2 hours for a feed, and then hourly all night, to her sleeping in her cot downstairs in her own room in about 3 months. It felt like nothing short of a miracle.

Amanda guided us confidently and caringly through the process, always checking in and providing support.  She was so generous with her time, and her respect for our need to take time was so deeply appreciated.

The moments I thought we would not be able to succeed, she was right there to help keep us on track.

Thank you for being our sleep angel, Amanda, you have a huge heart!

Anne Becker

Dear Amanda,
It’s been said so well previously at your testimonials and I only can sign under every word.
It’s been very precious for us to meet you and to discover your personality. Apart from your professional skills, you are an amazing, warm and caring person.
We’ve been very lucky to meet you at the hardest period of our busy life. My two children, Ivah (5) and Ethan (3) have been struggling because of lots of travelling and were not been able to settle.
Amanda gave lots of confidence to me, as a mother, who not only wants to control the situation but to teach children to be independent. As well, she’s been constantly present reassuring my kids of our presence. They feel so much happier since they have been introduced to a “rules and directions”.

Amanda, Thank you for your generosity with sharing useful information and advises, for staying in touch and guiding me. You are truly dedicated to your job.
My life and my attitude to a parenthood changed. I wish I met you 5 years ago!


Yana Aintabi

Dear Amanda,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with baby Jack. We called you in desperation when Jack was 10 months, because he was still waking 2-4 times every night and we were not functioning from exhaustion. You gave fantastic advice, particularly on how to change breastfeeding timings to improve his appetite for solids. Over the next month he ate more, woke less, and completely stopped breastfeeding during the night. By 12 months, he was waking only once or not at all during the night, was much easier to put down, and we were starting to feel optimistic and have some energy back for the first time in a year.

You also listened carefully to our concerns about Jack’s weight – as he was a low birthweight baby, we had been very worried about his poor appetite and also his increased susceptibility to infections. Thanks for the tips on chest infections and diet too. Now Jack is 18 months old, he has been sleeping through the night every night for 2 months, and he is nice and chubby. Now we are ready for the final frontier – getting him to fall asleep on his own…

Life for us is transformed now we are getting proper sleep – we can function at work, enjoy our weekends and we argue much less.

Thank you so much for your help,

Kristen & Brad Hopkins

Dear Amanda,

Firstly please forgive me that it has taken so long to put pen to paper and write to you.

My mother and I would like to say a huge thank you for the invaluable advice, support and uplifting encouragement in the process of establishing baby Beatrice on a healthy, well rounded routine and solid food programme.

When I called you a few months ago, I was really stuck and in a tizz as how to move Beatrice onto proper solid foods, what foods to offer, apart from jar, (which she was predominantly having) and understanding the process of introducing diary sold food into her diet, rather than unnecessary formula milk. Added to this Beatrice was starting to wake up several times in the night or waking up early, and as a result was cranky and not taking her feeds that well.

With your tips and yummy home cooked menu suggestions, we felt motivated and excited to experiment with Beatrice’s food, offering fresh food variety, finger foods we would never have thought of and weaning Beatrice off formula milk and drinking from a cup! Previously we had been stuck in a rut and relying on jar food. Now Bea loves Nana’s bangers n mash and my creamy salmon and spinach pasta! She also loves her fresh fruit pieces and doesn’t have a sweet tooth!

What has been really noticeable is that Beatrice now takes her afternoon nap well (1.5 to 2 hours instead of 50 mins), sleeps through the night from 7pm to 7am most days and even until 7.30am at least twice a week. All this since establishing her on your solid food programme. The fear I had of cutting back on formula was unfounded, she sleeps far better with less of it! The last step now is to introduce cows milk at tea time and end the bottle before bed habit. I am sure with your support this will be fine too.

Amanda, lastly I want to say thank you for just being there for me. It was and still is, a huge comfort to know that you are at the end of the phone, text or email at at pretty much anytime, to give the moral support and encouragement I need to care for my daughter. You have been invaluable, I can’t say that enough, you really have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Antoinette, Nana Jeannette and baby Beatrice xxx

I went to see Amanda when Jonah was nearly three years old. Jonah was my third child and I thought I knew what to do when in fact he was a very stubborn little boy who was winning our battle with his sleep and in general with his behaviour.
I went to see Amanda and just chatting through things made me take a step back and realise some of the obvious mistakes I was making.
At the point I went to Amanda Jonah was waking up for milk at least 5 times per night. Amanda talked me through an amazing plan which I thought would never work.
To my surprise and Amanda’s amazing perseverance Jonah now has no milk and more often than not sleeps for 11 to 12 hours per night. On the odd occasion that he does wake up now Amanda has taught me strategies to deal with him and he can now settle himself back to sleep.
I can’t recommend Amanda enough she always gave me the time and was always around when I needed her.


Danielle Lipton

Our son was 11 months old when we contacted Amanda. He used to wake up every 2 or 3 hours at night and wouldn’t go back to sleep until we gave him milk. I was breastfeeding him and he had developed a real suckling/sleep association. We were against doing the controlled cry out, however after trying different methods we did give it a go as a last resort. But after being left to cry for 5 mins, our son would end up making himself vomit in protest. This happened for a few nights in a row and this is when we contacted Amanda who had been recommended by a friend who praised her gentle methods. Amanda doesn’t believe in leaving babies to cry and totally supports breastfeeding. After having a chat with her on the phone, I really felt that her method and principles were right for us.
She was really friendly and supportive. During our initial consultation we spent some time reviewing our son’s routines and Amanda put a plan of action for us to deal with the night wakes. After 2 nights, our son was sleeping a lot better and after 5 nights he slept through, and has been ever since. Getting Amanda’s help made such a difference, our son is a lot happier, rested and full of life during the day and we as parents have got a lot more energy!
Within 5 nights we went from our son vomitting, waking up at least 3 times a night and screaming blue murder in the morning to him sleeping from 7pm to 7am and waking up happy, patiently waiting for us to come and get him. What a fantastic change !
Amanda is very professional, and so passionate about her work, it has now been 5 months that our son sleeps through the night but Amanda still regularly contacts us for a catch up which is really lovely. We can’t thank her enough for what she did for us.

Laetitia & Kent Goldfinch

When we got in touch with Amanda in May 2013, our 11 month old daughter at the time had never slept through the night. She was still co-sleeping with us as we had never managed to successfully get her to sleep in her cot and she was breast feeding every hour. Getting her down to sleep in the evening was a nightmare and my partner and I could not sit down to a meal together. Added to this, she had a very small appetite.

When we met with Amanda in person she helped us to realise that our daughter did not need breastfeeding overnight and if we stopped this, she would start eating more, which would also help with her sleep. The first night was very difficult as our daughter had never gone with breastfeeding. It took a few nights, and Amanda was there even at night to offer support, but I was able to stop feeding her overnight. In a very short space of time her appetite improved. Amanda was prepared at each stage to let us go at our own pace, but also be there pushing us forward to the next step. I cannot thank her enough for her constant attention and advice during this period.

At first our daughter was terrified of being in her cot and would scream and head bang against it. Amanda was there every step of the way supporting us by text and with telephone calls to move forward and to gradually retreat out of the room. She filled us with confidence in putting into place her advice, so that we could do it for ourselves.

Amanda also supported me in continuing with breastfeeding even though I returned to work when our daughter was 12 months old. She is now almost 18 months and I am still successfully breastfeeding. I had not appreciated that was possible before. Amanda is so passionate about breastfeeding and without her I probably would have stopped once I started work.

The biggest change to our lives is that our daughter now goes to sleep with no fuss and either of us can put her down. She actually looks forward to sleep at night. It did take some time to achieve this but having our evenings back is amazing. She also sleeps through now most nights.

I would highly recommend Amanda for sleep training or breast feeding advice. I was overwhelmed with just how attentive Amanda was during our journey. She was always on hand to listen and to gently persuade us to keep going and to be consistent. We are still in touch and it is obvious that she really cares about each and every parent and child that she helps.

Rebecca & Andre Jouana

Dear Amanda,

I would like to thank you for the generous amount of time you have spent, both in person and on the phone, supporting and helping me with breastfeeding my daughter, Victoria. Victoria was 12 weeks old when we met and up to that point I nearly gave up breastfeeding on several occasions due to the pain I was suffering. Your support made me feel more positive and enabled me to carry on. I took on your advice which made a world of difference and now, 8 weeks later, I am still breastfeeding (mostly pain free), and feel great for doing so. You helped me to express properly, which alone made a big difference. You also identified a potential medical problem which enabled me to seek out the right treatment. If I do have pain, I know how to manage it and work it away, and therefore can continue breastfeeding, which I know is the right thing to do and is best for my baby.

With sincere gratitude,

Charlotte & Paul Michaels

Mia was nine months old when I first called Amanda. She was exclusively breastfed on demand and I felt like I was constantly feeding her, day and night. She began to associate feeds with sleep which led to night wakings every two hours. I felt completely helpless and miserable, I couldn’t enjoy my time with Mia and I couldn’t give my 3 year old son the attention he deserved. I looked high and lo for some kind of hope. I read books, forums, spoke to people, whatever I could find. Finally, someone recommended Amanda. I looked through her website and these testimonials and to my astonishment learnt that Amanda doesn’t believe in CIO and she puts the baby’s needs first through her sleep training programme. That was very important to me. Amanda is also on hand to support you via texts and calls through the whole programme after the initial consultation which is exactly the kind of support you need.

Following our initial consultation, Amanda put together a plan for us to follow. I was sceptical to say the least but the promise of sleep was the driving force and with the help of my husband, we proceeded with step one. It took 2.5 hours for Mia to fall asleep the first night. 1 hour the second night and 30 mins the third night with no more than 2 night wakings each time. She now falls asleep on her own in her own cot and sleeps all night! Simply amazing! I believe the most valuable lesson you can teach your baby is how to fall asleep on their own and thanks to the unfaltering support we received from Amanda, we were able to do this for Mia.

Amanda still texts me to this day to see how we are getting on, I truly believe she cares about her clients and have a feeling we will remain friends for a long time.

If you are, as I was, desperate for sleep, please call Amanda, she will turn your wish in to reality and she will do it in the kindest possible way to your child.

Shruti & Neal Morjaria

My son Zach was 13 months old and was still exclusively breastfeeding. Zach systematically refused to eat anything you put in front of him. He would turn his nose up at breakfast lunch and dinner. Desperate for help I turned to Amanda Marks who was recommended by a local mum in my area. Amanda gave me a home visit followed by a new feeding plan. Over the next few days and weeks Amanda proved to be one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met. After meeting Amanda you immediately feel a great sense of trust and integrity towards her. After a few painful days and nights Zach finally started to taste and enjoy food. It was amazing to watch Zach eat independently. With the breastfeeds only given at certain times of the day Zach was eating more like a normal baby of his age. Even when we had a few set backs Amanda was always there to offer support and encouragement. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone. She is a bright light in a dark place.

Deborah Lynch